2017 Sho Dun Festival, usually known for people as the Yogurt Festival or Buddha Unveiling Festival. It is an annual festival of Tibet usually held in August. In Tibetan calendar, it is the 15th to 24th of the fifth month. It generally celebrates in Lhasa city, especially in Norbulingka Palace and Drepung Monastery. What’s more, Sho Dun Festival is one of the most popular and important festival in Tibet.

Where to celebrate 2017 Sho Dun Festival 2017 Sho Dun Festival-Drepung Monastery,Lhasa

Norbulingka was once being used as the summer palace of Dalai Lamas, and now also as the official site of the annual festival.Now normal people is allowed to watch the performances. Tibetans from different regions will pay their homage to Dalai Lamas through performing ethnic songs and dances along with typical Tibetan opera at Norbulingka Palace. Besides, during the festival, thousands of Tibetans will also gather at Drepung Monastery to watch the famous Giant Buddha Thangka unveiling in the morning. And then whey will go to see Sera Monastery Thangka display in the afternoon (according to recent Sho Dun Festival).

Best time for travelers to join 2017 Tibet Sho Dun Festival

2017 Sho Dun Festival
Sho Dun Festival

Every year, many travelers will come to Lhasa to feel the typical festival atmosphere. But, most foreign travelers seldom know the when to see this festival. Tibet Sho Dun Festival usually falls on midsummer, generally in August. However, the exact date is changeable, due to its solar calendar. So, in 2017, it will fall on August 21st. Meanwhile, it will lasts a few days, so travelers can stay for several days to feel the joyful atmosphere with local residents. Worth to mention, the time is great for August is the best travel season in Tibet. Because both the climate and oxygen content are fine for Tibet travel. Therefore, our Tibet travel Expert agency will design an extraordinary Sho Dun Festival Tour in advance to help you make an early plan.

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