2017 Tibet tour highlight
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2017 Tibet tour highlight-Tibet is such a magical and sacred place from many aspects, such as history, culture, Buddhism, tourism and on. Every year, Tibet has different landscapes each month. Get tired of busy city life, it’s time to encounter this wonderland-Tibet.

January, enjoy the beautiful sunshine in Lhasa streets

Many people may think that the winter of Lhasa will be very cold. However, in fact, the winter in Lhasa is really the paradise for its sunshine. Sitting in the monastery stone steps or back against the shade of a wall, just enjoy the warm sunshine quietly. You will find peace in your heart.

February, experience the traditional Tibetan New Year

Losar festival is the most important festival in Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans will rush into Lhasa city to purchase goods for new year. And they will also celebrate this festival just like the Chinese Spring Festival. View more Losar festival info here.

2017 Tibet tour highlight-Tibetan New Year
2017 Tibet tour highlight-Tibetan New Year

March, watch Nyingchi peach blossom

Nyingchi is rewarded as the ‘East Switzerland’ in Tibet. With lower altitude and beautiful scenery, it is a stunning place for tourists to enjoy a different plateau sightseeing. March is the flowering time of peach blossom and you will see the pink flowers, green trees, blue sky and river, and snow mountains that forms a picturesque scroll of Nyingchi.

April, holy lake in Tibet-Namtso Lake-2017 Tibet tour highlight

The parts of Namtso lake begins to thaw in April. When the sun rises, the shining ice begin to thaw. Meanwhile, the far snow mountains, blue sky and shining lake forms a fabulous view. And this sight is beyond any period of Namtso lake. Moreover, the road condition from Lhasa to Namtso is better in cold days.

2017 Tibet tour highlight-Namtso Lake in April
2017 Tibet tour highlight-Namtso Lake in April

May, soul trip to Shannan Prefecture-2017 Tibet tour highlight

Shannan is the birthplace of Tibetan culture and the soul of Tibet. Before the hot summer, you can sit beneath the shadow of a tree, and do nothing just thinking and listening the sound of breeze, the gurgling of flowing river. You will find the peace and value of life. Furthermore, you may visit Yungbulagang palace, the first palace of Tibetan history; Yamdrok Lake, the turquoise lake.  

June, Lingka festival in Shigatse, Saga Dawa Festival in TAR

Lingka festival falls on May 15th in Tibetan calendar and mainly celebrates in Shigatse city. It is an annual festival in Tibet, during the festival, people will gather together at Norbulingka park or other places to drink, dance and sing. Moreover, the Saga Dawa Festival also falls on this month, June 9th. Therefore, it is the best time for Mt Kailash pilgrimage kora and Namtso Lake tour. Many locals will trek around the holy mountain, Kailash, so if you make a Kailash tour during the Saga Dawa Festival, you will enjoy a big feast of Tibetan culture and religion.

In addition, June is also the best season to trek in Tibet. Trekkers can enjoy the flourish grassland and wildflowers along the way.

2017 Tibet tour highlight-Saga Dawa Festival
2017 Tibet tour highlight-Saga Dawa Festival

July, riding along the Sichuan-Tibet G318 national highway

Tibet, the holy land of riders, 20 days of wind and rain, 2000 miles’ journey, it is the first and final dream of all travelers. There are several routes to ride towards Tibet: Sichuan-Tibet, Xinjiang-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet, Qinghai-Tibet and Nepal-Tibet. Each route is rewarded with beautiful landscapes and typical views raging from basin to plateau. Meanwhile, July is the summer vacation in the whole China, many students will rush into Tibet via overland. If you happen to pass through the G318 highway, you can see many riders along the road.

August, Sho Dun Festival in TAR-2017 Tibet tour highlight

Sho Dun festival is the most popular festival in Tibet. It falls on Aug.21st in whole region. Many travelers come to Tibet just aiming to feel the pure festival atmosphere in Tibet. During the Sho Dun Festival, local Tibetans will gather together to drink yoghurt, dance and sing. Meanwhile, there will be a giant Thangka unveiling in Drepung Monastery. Therefore, travel to Tibet in August is a wise choice for the amazing views and unique culture of Tibet.

2017 Tibet tour highlight-Sho Dun Festival-Thangka unveiling at Drepung Monastery
2017 Tibet tour highlight-Sho Dun Festival-Thangka unveiling at Drepung Monastery

September, head to the west of Tibet-Ngari

After the rainy season of Tibet, it is the high time to make a Kailash pilgrimage kora and explore the mystery of Guge Kingdom. Every step head to Mt. Kailash is the way to find your peace in the heart. The pure lake, Manasarovar, and holy mountain, Kailash as well as the mysterious Guge Kingdom are all located in Ngari prefecture. With better road condition and nicer weather, September is the high season of Ngari travel.

October, fabulous Autumn landscape of Tibet

Fall is also the best time to travel in Tibet, especially the high time for Tibet trekking. And the grasslands and forests of Tibet turns from green to yellow, forming stunning views of Tibet. Therefore, many travelers come to Tibet in October for its beautiful landscapes of mountains and lakes. Even it will be cooler than summer, the temperature is also fine for travelers.

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