2018 Tibet Travel Review: Objective and Up-to-Date Information
Responsible Travel in Tibet-Lhasa City Tour

Tibet trip is an experience that rewards travelers in terms of cultural discovery and opportunities for enjoying stunning mountain scenery. To help travelers with their Tibet trip planning, this travel review provides honest, objective, and up-to-date information of 2018 Tibet Travel Review.

Many travelers agree that a Tibet trip is one of the most rewarding travel experiences they’ve ever had. Unforgettable scenery and cultural experiences await travelers who make the journey to this fascinating place. Tibet is a place drastically different from many of its foreign travellers’ home countries. Those planning a Tibet trip are best off learning as much about Tibet as possible before their arrival. This travel review provides honest, objective, and up-to-date information about 2018 Tibet Travel Review. Hope it can help you with your Tibet trip planning.

Cultural Discovery in Tibet

For travelers looking for a unique blend of beautiful high-altitude landscapes and opportunities for cultural discovery, Tibet may be the perfect travel destination. Religion is an important part of everyday life in Tibet. In places like Lhasa or Shigatse travelers may see pilgrims prostrating or circumambulating important monasteries and temples. Most Tibet trips visit these monasteries and temples, giving travelers the opportunity to learn about Tibetan culture and history. Travelers learn the most when they keep an open mind and ask their guide lots of questions!

Outdoor Adventure in Tibet

Tibet is paradise for those who enjoy outdoor activities, Trekking and mountain biking adventures are among the best ways to enjoy the scenery. Some of the most famous adventures include the trek to Everest base camp and the Kailash Manasarovar Pilgrimage. Seasoned bikers can even make the journey from Lhasa all the way to Kathmandu. The altitude and climate can sometimes be a challenge. when planning an outdoor adventure, it’s important to carefully consider the physical fitness and experience level of travel group members.

Be Flexible with Tibet Trip

Given the uniqueness of Tibet, travelers who are willing to be flexible typically get the most out of their trip. Tibet travel permits are required for entry, a registered travel agency will take care of the details. Travelers will need to supply a copy of their passport and Chinese visa prior. Tibet permit 2018 regulations allow permits to be issued to groups of any size, including individuals.  These regulations may change at any time. And foreign travellers may be altogether banned from entering Tibet. Travelers must accept this risk before paying for your Tibet tour.

Tibet trip blends opportunities for cultural discovery with dramatic mountain landscapes. Visitors walk away with valuable knowledge and understanding of this unique land. In Tibet, the most successful travelers are the ones who are flexible and come with a mind open to new experiences. Learning about Tibet before arriving is a great way to prepare yourself. With the travel season in full swing, now is the time to start planning your Tibet adventure.

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