Tibet Lhasa Attractions and Entrance Tickets Prices
Tibetan Cultural Heritage Potala Palace

Are you still looking for attractions in Lhasa which you really want to see? Here local Tibet travel Expert Service team introduces all the 46 tourists attractions. In the table below, you can find all the names of the attractions in Lhasa, and the tickets fee reference. You can also email us directly to learn about what to see in Lhasa.

Top Tibet Lhasa Attractions and Entrance Tickets Prices

LhasaAttraction Name ListEntrance Fee
1Ani Tsangku Nunnery 仓姑寺50 RMB
2Barkhor Street 八廊街/八角街Free
3Cemanlin Temple 策满林寺
4Charpori/Medicine Hill 拉萨药王山20 RMB
5Chimpu Caves 青朴
6Cibalakang Temple 次巴拉康寺Free
7Dazhalugong Monument 达扎路恭纪功碑Free
8Dolma Lhakhang Temple 卓玛拉康寺35 RMB
9Drak Yerpa Cave 茶叶巴寺30 RMB
10Drepung Monastery 哲蚌寺60 RMB
11Drigung Til Monastery 直贡梯寺45 RMB
12Ganden Monastery 甘丹寺50 RMB
13Great Mosque 大清真寺Free
14Guan Yu Temple of Mopan Mountain 磨磐山关帝庙10 RMB
15Jokhang Temple 大昭寺85 RMB
16Kundeling Temple 功德林寺Free
17Lalu Wetland National Nature Preserve 拉鲁湿地国家级自然保护区Free
18Larang Nyingba
19Lasa Sanquan Scenic Resort 拉萨“三圈”
20Lhasa River 拉萨河Free
21Meru Nyingba 默如宁巴寺
22Monument Imperial Pacification of Tibet 御制平定西藏碑Free
23Monument of Alliance Between Tang Dynasty and Tibetan RegimeFree
24Muru Temple 木如寺印经院Free
25Nalendra Monastery 那仁札寺
26Namtso Lake 纳木错湖120 RMB
27Nechung Monastery and Temple25 RMB
28Norbulinka 罗布林卡60 RMB
29Pabangka Monastery 帕邦喀寺Free
31Palalupu Temple 帕拉鲁布/查拉鲁普20 RMB
32Potala Palace 布达拉宫200 RMB
33Qusang Temple 曲桑寺/曲桑日追Free
34Ramoche Temple 小昭寺35 RMB
35Reting Monastery 热振寺30 RMB
36Sera Monastery 色拉寺55 RMB
37Shugsheb Nunnery 雄色寺20 RMB
38Talung Monastery 达隆寺10 RMB
39Tibet Museum 西藏博物馆Free
40Tidrum Hot Spring and Tidrum Nunnery 德仲温泉和德仲寺25 RMB
41Tsurphu Monastery 楚布寺45 RMB
42Xiamiyuan Temple 下密院寺Free
43Yangpachen Hotspring30 RMB(visit fee)98 -180RMB (bathing fee)
44Yangpachen MonasteryFree
45Yutuo Bridge 宇妥桥/琉璃桥Free
46Zaki Temple 扎基寺Free

Traveling to Tibet in low season can save you a lot of money. Last year many attractions allowed free entry in April as a promotional offer. Stay updated and see if foreign travelers can enjoy the same benefit again this year. If you are interested in a Lhasa tour or any other Tibet tours, please feel free to contact our local Tibet travel agency.

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