April Tibet Travel Tips
April Tibet Travel Tips

April is the first month for foreign travelers to have a Tibet tour. From February 27 to the end of March, Tibet is closed for foreigners. So, if you want to come to Tibet early, April is your first choice. Here we offer some useful April Tibet Travel Tips. Hope it can be helpful when you plan the upcoming Tibet tour.

April Tibet Travel Tips

1.    Take some warm clothes and scarves. Since April is the first month in spring, you should be aware of the changeable temperature. For example, in Lhasa, during the day time, it can be 10 to 13 Celsius Degree. But in the night, the temperature can be 5 degree below zero. Thus, you should bring some warm cloth and keep yourself warm in the night.

2.    Bring a lip balm and hand cream. Tibet is very dry due to the high altitude and heavy sunlight, so you should prevent dryness. Remember to use lip balm and rub hand cream often to make your skin comfortable.

3.    Bring sunhat and sunscreen. You need to prevent heavy sunlight when you are outside. Remember to prevent sunburn during your Tibet tour.

4.    For AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness), you had better consult your doctor in your home county before come to Tibet. Normally it will be fine with slight Mountain Sickness symptoms when you first arrive in Lhasa. Keep yourself hydrated and eat some fruit. Remember not to do much exercise in the first couple of days.

April Tibet Travel Tips
April Tibet Natural Scenery


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