Barkhor Street

Highlight tourist attraction in Lhasa

Barkhor Street

The Barkhor locates near the Jokhang Temple, in the old town of Lhasa city, which is also a popular ritual cycle for pilgrims and locals. It has preserved well the tradition of the ancient city and the way of local livings. Barkhor Street is constructed for the Jokhang Temple, and with the development of the Jokhang Temple, it has become into a religious street, sightseeing street, folk street, cultural street and commercial street in one block.

  The streets are paved with hand-polished stones, and there are rows of   old-fashioned Tibetan houses. A giant censer is standing in the center of the street, day and night candle lights filled here. Countless shops lies on both sides of the street where Tibetan-style handicrafts and ethnic goods are sold. Besides, the main cuisine here is Tibetan cuisine, but a variety of flavors are also welcomed such as Cantonese food, Hunan dish, Western food and of course Sichuan food, which is the most regarded one among tourists and local people.

   In the morning and dusk, devotees turning around the Jokhang Temple in clockwise becomes a unique folk cultural sightseeing. In Barkhor, visitors can experience the firsthand Tibetan customs and take a close look at the local people’s daily life which will enrich visitors’ Tibet travel experience.

Practical Barkhor Travel Tips

There is much to learn before visiting it.


1. Please visit Barkhor Street clockwise around the Jokhang Temple for Tibetan’s local tradition.

2. Don’t hang out in the late night, because there are many small alleys in Barkhor Street, with dim light, it’s easy to get lost.