Shannan Attractions in Tsetang (Lhoka) Tibet

Top tourists sightseeing attractions in Southeastern Tibet-Shannan Region

Tsetang lies in the center of the Yarlung valley. It is between the Himalayan and Gangdise belts. It belongs to Nedong County, Lhoka Prefecture. And it is 183 km southeast of Lhasa.  Now it is one of the largest cities in Tibet. And since ancient times,it has been the capital of Yarlung. In addition, it was the seat of the ancient emperors of Tibet. Therefore, it was very important in Tibetan history. Welcome to explore highlighted Shannan attractions in Tibet.

Shannan Attractions

Shannan Attraction (Lhoka)Tibet

Chongye Burial Mounds


Chongye Burial Mounds holds the largest tombs of Tibetan Kings that gives evidence of Tibet’s pre-Buddhist culture.

Dorje Drak Monastery


Dorje Drak Monastery is a famous Tibetan Buddhist monastery and one of the six big Nyingmapa monasteries.

Drakmar Drinzang


Drakmar Drinzang is the birthplace of Trisong Detsen, one of the three Great Tibetan Kings in the Royal Dynasty.

Samye Monastery


Samye Monastery, Tibetan’s first monastery and first college, is located in Shannan Region, Tibet.

Sheldrak Cave Attraction


Sheldrak Cave is a main visiting site in the lower Yarlung Valley as the entrance to the Yarlung Valley above Sheldrak Monastery.