Drakmar Drinzang


Drakmar Drinzang was  the birthplace of Trisong Detsen, one of the three Tibetan Kings in the Royal Dynasty. And it is a small shrine with the images of the king, Padmasambhava and Shantaraksita. The three people cofounded Samye Monastery, the first Buddhist temple in Tibet built in 775 A.D. The Drakmar Drinzang is a famous site on the trek toward Yamalung caves. There are some prayer flags outside and make the place.

There are also stumps outside of sandalwood trees and there is a legend about the trees saying that they are irrigated from the blood of Trisong Detsen’s mother when she gives birth.You can also see another temple near the place. It is said to be built by Trisong Detsen’s father in the 8th century for the purpose of placing some of the first Buddhist texts brought to Tibet. There are many ditches beyond Drakmar which make the route to the place unclear. You should keep aiming at the direction of the south part of Samye village. And some shops and guesthouses will be there run by the monastery and you can have a rest when you arrive.

Travel Tips:

1.Focus on the right direction when trekking until you arrive Samye Monastery.