Woka Hot Spring

Highlight tourist attraction in Shannan, Tibet

Woka Hot Spring

Woka is a place where agriculture and husbandry prevalent in Shannan Prefecture. Furthermore, there are two rivers and seven hot spring in Woka. The most famous hot spring is Zhuo Rom hatem Hot Spring, which is known as the private hot spring for Panchen Lama, who took a bath here before entering the holy lake Lamo Latso. And, the magical effect of the hot spring is the cure for diseases. There is another hot spring which can cure gastropathy in the north of Zhuo Rom hatem Hot Spring.

The temperature of the hot spring is average. Thus, some local Tibetan people wash their clothes and vegetables as well. Another hot spring is in the north of Woka Zong Ruins which local Tibetan like most. What’s more, they will bath their animals each summer to make them clean and free from illnesses. Besides bathing in the hot spring, local people also have a good rest around and socialize with each other. Young people show their love in the hot spring especially in the night because the starry sky is very romantic.

Practical Woka Hot Spring Travel Tips

There is much to learn before visiting it.


1. Normally you can soak for no more than 20 minutes at one time and for another bath after a while.

2.Please do not soak when you are very hungry or drunk.