Top Tourists attractions in Nagchu, Northern Tibet

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Here is travel guide for Nagchu Tourist Attractions & Activities in northern Tibet. Nagchu (also Nagqu) in the northern Tibet is the largest prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. Nagchu Prefecture is generally called “Changtang“. Nagchu Tourist Attractions offer rich information about all the tourist sights, including travel tips and pictures, local unique sightseeing activities such as “Nagchu Horse Racing“, Xiangxiong Kingdom, Siling-Tso (lake)and much more.


Changtang Plateau Reserve in North Tibet

Changtang (also spelled as Changthang) plateau is located in western and northern Tibet. It has vast highlands and lakes. Most of the Plateau is now protected as a national nature reserve.

TangraYum Tso

Tangra Yum Tso- Bon Sect

Tangra Yum Tso is a holy lake for Bon sect, which is located in the southwest of Nyima County, in Nagchu, Tibet. It is the fourth largest salt lake in China with an altitude of 4, 530 above the sea level.



Silingtso is world’s highest lake. It is 5,386 meters above sea level that flows into the Yarlung Tsangpo River. Located in the Zhongba County, Nagchu, it is considered as the 2nd largest lake in Tibet.


Tibet,Xiangxiong Kingdom

Xiangxiong Kingdom is located in the west Tibet. It is said to be the earliest civilization center on the Tibetan plateau. Records show that the Xiangxiong Kingdom once flourished in the 7th century, and then developed its own written language.

TangraYum Tso

Shenzha Nature Reserve

Shenzha Nature Reserve is located in Shenzha County, Nagchu, Tibet. It was established in 1993, and became the paradise of birds since then. It has been the biggest protecting area of black-necked crane in China.

Purog Kangri

Nagchu,Purog Kangri Glacier

Purog Kangri Glacier, covering with 422 square kilometers, is known as the third largest glacier (the other two are South Pole and North Pole) in the world. It is located 560 kilometers from Nagchu Town in Tibet.

Skeleton Wall

Nagchu,Skeleton Wall

The skeleton wall is located in the Dodoka Monastery, which is halfway between Sok and Nagchu, on the south of the 317 Highway. This skeleton wall is one of Tibetan’s strangest, least-visited sights.From far, this wall looks like a typical Tibetan mani wall.

Tsanden Gompa

Tsanden Monastery

Tsanden Monastery is built as an affiliated temple of Drepung Monastery in 1668. It is located at the top of Yaladuo Hill in Nagchu area, North Tibet. From far way, the monastery looks like a small Potala Palace, therefore, it is also known as a ‘small Potala’.

Recommended Tour Itineraries in Nagchu Prefecture

As one of the grandest festivals in Tibet, Nagqu Horse Racing happens every August. Beautiful Nagqu attracts a great amount of travelers to come, normally travelers combine the Namtso lake trip in this activity. Tibet Travel Expert Team provides more than 10 Nagqu tour packages including these tourist attractions at the best price.