Bonri Mountain

Highlight tourist attraction in Nyingchi

Bonri Mountain

As one of the most famous holy mountains in Tibet (the others are Mount Himalayas, Mount Kailash and Segyi La Mountain), Bonri Mountain locates in the southeast part of Nyingchi, the north bank of grand Brahmaputra River.It is said that the Mount Bonri was the palce where Aqiongjiebo, the devout disciple of Bon, fought against Padmasambhava (the Master of Buddhism), later he became the hero of Bon Religion.

Till today, believers and local people still believe everything on Mt. Bonri has its own spirit. Therefore, they worship the stone, the giant tree, and bird here. Prayers of Bon would come to Bonri Mountain every year to circle the mountain to show respect, deity and sincerity.

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