Lake Draksumtso

Highlight tourist attraction in Tibet

Lake Draksumtso

Lake Draksumtso (Tibetan: Green water) is one of Tibet’s most famous traveling attractions. It locates in the Gongbogyamda County, which is 120 km away from Bayi Town and 400 km away from Lhasa city. It was listed as international tourist spot back in 1997, and in 2001, it was granted 5A title by the State Tourism Administration. And in 2002, it became a state forest park. Draksumtso is the sacred land for local people that they will celebrate a festival to circulate the lake every year on the 15th day of the 4th month on the Tibetan calendar.

There are three main islands at Draksumtso, namely Tashi Island, Jieba Island and Huxin Island. The lake is also surrounded by mountains with snow on top.
The lakeside resort has lovely cottages with convenient facilities. You can easily find yacht, hotels and restaurants around.

Practical Huge Cypress Nature Reserve Travel Tips

There is much to learn before visiting it.

  1. The admission fee is 120 RMB.
  2. The best season the visit Draksumtso is autumn