On October, 2005, China National Geography has elected the Midui Glacier as one of the six most beautiful glaciers in China. The glacier is located in Yupu Township, Nyingchi, Tibet, which is standing right next to the Sichuan-Tibet Highway. It is famous for grant ice basin, and the coexistence with forests, lakes, village, temples and snow mountains. Travelers come here every year for it is a natural park of glaciers

There are several hostels in the Midui Village where travelers could choose to stay overnight. Or they can get back to stay at a nearby town, named Ranwu Town. There are buses from Chengdu, Chamdo and Nyingchi that pass by Ranwu Town, travelers can get off at here and then walk or ride a horse to reach the glacier sightseeing terrace

Midui Glacier
Tibet Midui Glacier

Practical Tibet Midui Glacier Travel Tips

  • 1. The admission fee is 50 RMB.
  • 2. You’d better bring a pair of hiking shoes or mountaineering boots.
  • 3. Bring medicine to conquer the altitude sickness.

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