Niyang River

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Niyang River

The Niyang River is the longest tributary of the Yarlung Tsangpo River with a length of 307.5 Km, also it is a major river in south-west Tibet. In Tibetan language, Niyang means ‘the sad tears of a fairy’. Due to the well reserved vegetation in the river reaches, the water is crystal clear in this River. The breathtaking beauty of the river let travelers have the illusion that they are in heaven. There is also a large meadow in the upper reach of the river, and forest alongside the lower river bank. The stunning view amazes the travelers with the clean water and the reflections of nearby trees.

Niyang River Visitor CentreIf you have the chance to visit Niyang River, do not forget to visit the Niyang River Visitor Centre. It is designed by a Chinese architecture – Zhaoyang. The center was built with various openings and is decorated into different colors as color is a crucial element of Tibetan visual culture.

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