Segyi La Mountain

Highlight tourist attraction in Nyingchi

Segyi La Mountain

The Segyi La Mountain is located in Nyingchi County, Tibet. It belongs to the Nyenchen Tangula Mountain and it is the watershed of Niyang River and Parlung Tsangpo River. Numerous tourists come here to enjoy the grand sea of clouds, the forests and of course the stunning beauty of Mt. Namche Barwa.The mountain is regarded as one of the sacred mountains (like Bonri Mountain, Mount Himalayas and Mount Kailash) in Tibet. Each year, believers with devout spirit come here and deliver their wishes to Heaven via hanging the colorful prayer flags up in the mountain.

From April to June, the mountain changes into a colorful place for the rhododendrons blossom from the foot to the peak. During this period, Segyi La Mountain is the paradise of colors.

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