Xiuba Ancient Castle

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Xiuba Ancient Castle

Xiuba Ancient Castle is located in the Gongbogyamda County, Nyingtri, Tibet. The name Xiuba means ‘skinning’ in Tibetan language. This castle has a long history that it was constructed with stones and wood back in Tang Dynasty. Xiuba Ancient Castle consists of five castles with various heights, ranging from 20 to meters. At the beginning, it had seven castles in total. However, due to years without restoration, 2 of them collapsed. Right now, only three of these remaining castles are in relatively good condition.

The three better condition castles are Batang Ancient Castle with an area of 1400 square meters, Xueka Village Ancient Castle group and Xiuba Millenary Ancient Castle group. There are roofs with overlooking holes on the castle. These holes are used to watch far and shoot arrows to the enemies.

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