Top Shigatse Tourists Attractions and Sightseeing Activities

Welcome to explore Shigatse Attractions, central Tibet! Lying at the foot of the northern slope of the Himalayas, Shigatse is endowed with fertile farmland, vast grassy meadow, wooded forest and snow mountains. The Mt. Everest has long been the ultimate height challenged by the braves from home and abroad. Moreover, the old civilization and magnificent temple architectures are the other reason for visitors to come here. So, why not explore these highlighted attractions in Tibet?



Tashilhunpo Monastery (3,500 m), founded in 1447 by the first Dalai Lama, means ‘heap of glory’ or ‘all fortune and happiness gathered here’.

Pelkor Gompa


Pelkor  Monastery, also named Pelkor Chode Monastery or Shekar Gyantse is the main monastery in Gyantse and famous for Kumbum Stupa..

Natang Gompa


Natang Monastery, located 15 Km away from Shigatse, is constructed in 1033. This monastery is 400 years older than Tashilhunpo Monastery.

Pala Manor


Pala Manor, a well-preserved serf manor, is situated at the Banjorlhunbo Village, 10 minutes’ drive from Gyantse County, Shigatse, Tibet.

Mount Everest


Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain (8,844.43 meters) is located in the international border between China and Nepal, one of the top attractions in Tibet.

Kangbu Spring


As one of the most famous Hot Springs in Tibet Autonomous Region, Kangbu Hot Spring locates in Kangbu Village, Yadong County, Shigatse.

Peikutso Lake


Peikutso, also named Lake Paiku, is the largest lake in Shigatse, Tibet. This lake is 4, 592 meters above sea level and close to Mount Shishapangma.



As the only Jonangpa monastery in Tibet, Phuntsoling Monastery is the home to 50 monks in Shigatse with Dolopa Sherab Gyaltsen as the greatest scholar.

Sakya Gompa


The Sakya Monastery is the principal monastery of the Sakyapa Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, it locates at 25 Km southeast of a bridge which is 127 Km west of Shigatse.

Shalu Gompa


Shalu Monastery, located only 22 kilometers south of Shigatse in Tibet, was constructed in the 11th century by Jetsun Sherp Jungne of Shangshung and later it was expanded.



The Yungdrungling Monastery is regarded as the ancestor monastery of Bon religion in Tibet. It is constructed in Namling County, Shigatse in the 7th century under Songtsan Gambo.

Gyantse Dzong

Tibet Shigatse Attraction-Gyantse-Dzong

Gyantse Dzong, also known as Gyantse Fortress, is one the well reserved dzongs in Tibet. It was constructed in 1390 and since guards the southern approaches to the Tsangpo Valley and Lhasa.

Panchen's Palace


Panchen Lamas’ Palace is located only 1 Km far from Tashilhunpo Monastery. It was constructed by the seventh Panchen Lama, Tenpei Nyima, in 1944. And it was expanded later.

Mangpu Spring


Mangpu Hot Spring in Lhatse is one of the most famous one in Tibet. Here, travelers can enjoy the hot spring water with medical treatment after a long journey in Tibet. Hope you like it.

Gama Valley

Tibet Shigatse Attraction-Gama-Valley

Gama Valley, the most beautiful valley in the world, is an unforgettable adventure for travelers. It is located at the downstream of PumQu in Tingri County and Dinggye County.

Rongbuk Gompa


The Rongbuk Monastery (5,000 m. (16, 404.2 ft.), is located at the northern foot of Mount Everest. The monastery was originally built in 1902 by a Nyingmapa Lama.

Recommended Shigatse-Central Tibet Attraction Sightseeing Activities

There are so many sites to see in Shigatse Prefecture as listed above. And each year Mount Everest attracts thousands of travelers around the world.There are lots of cultural and natural wonders awaiting you to explore the mysterious part of Tibet.

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