Gama Valley

Highlight tourist attraction in Tingri,Shigatse

Gama Valley is an unforgettable adventure for travelers. It located at the downstream of PumQu in Tingri County and Dinggye County. Gama Valley is also known as the most beautiful valley in the world, covering an area of 440 Km2. This valley has various ecological zones that boasts different types of vegetation. The most unusual type of forest here is junipers in a vast area of the virgin forest. Walking inside make you feel like you are in ancient time. You can enjoy the scene with snow-covered mountains, wild flowers, and wild animals.

Therefore, each year a lot of trekkers come here to explore the beauty of this valley despite the poor transportation. The only transportation to reach the Gama Valley is through yaks and horses. The whole trek trip needs lots of energy and stamina. Therefore, if you want to visit here, please get well prepared.

Practical Travel Tips

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