Highlight tourist attraction in central Tibet

Peikutso Lake, also named Lake Paiku, is the largest lake in Shigatse, Tibet. This lake is 4, 592 meters above sea level. This lake is close to Mount Shishapangma, the world’s’ 14th highest mountain. There are snow-covered mountains with 5700 to 6,000 height surrounded the lake, which brings stunning views for travelers with the bright blue lake water. The drive to Peikutso Lake is also amazing that you can see excellent views of Himalaya Mountains.This breathtaking lake has all year around bright turquoise color. There are some birds’ nests by the lake and you can also see wild animals here, such as Tibetan antelope, wild horse, foxes, deer, yaks, wolves, and gazelle, etc.

There are not much travelers at Peikutso, so there are no hotels or restaurants around. If you want to enjoy a night by the lake, please make sure you have equipped with sleeping bags, food and tents.

Practical Travel Tips

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