Phuntsoling Monastery

Highlight tourist attraction in central Tibet

As the only one Jonangpa monastery in Tibet, Phuntsoling Monastery is now the home to 50 monks in Shigatse. Dolopa Sherab Gyaltsen was the greatest scholar of this monastery who was one of the first proponents of the Shentong (a hard-to-grasp notion). Shentong is developed on the idea that Buddha-mind is ultimately empty, even though all forms are empty illusions. In the 17th century, the monastery was forced to convert into a Gelugpa institution by the 5th Dalai Lama.

Each year around the middle of the 4th lunar month of Tibetan Calendar, lamas and believers from all over the world will gather together in the Phuntsoling Monastery to pray and celebrate festival.

However, travelers can walk up to the ruined fortifications right behind the monastery. From here, you can enjoy fabulous views of valley. And you can also look for the dilapidated dzong on a precipice across Yarlung Tsangpo.

Practical Phuntsoling Monastery Travel Tips

There is much to learn before visiting it.


1. The festival we mentioned before does not open to foreign visitors.

2. If you want to see the murals in detail, please bring a flashlight with you.