My Trip to ‘The Window of Tibet’ –Barkhor Street
My Barkhor Street Trip

An unforgettable Tibet trip to the ‘window pf Tibet’-Barkhor Street Trip

After my visiting of Jokhang Temple, I walked directly to the Barkhor where my Barkhor street trip begins. When I traveled through the streets around the Temple, I saw various shops and a large selection of restaurants in the area. Walking on Barkhor Street was a real pleasure with kinds of people around you. It gave you full flavor of Tibet and also the opportunity to purchase local-made handicrafts and other nice things. And the food here were so delicious that I can’t help eat that much. In the street I saw many devotees even some teenage children prostrate every few feet just for their faith. The street serves as the circle street of Jokhang Temple, which is also a must-visit attraction in Lhasa. In some ways, it could be compared to old towns of European cities however with a sacred pilgrimage track added to it.

Taking a Tibet travel is an unforgettable experience in one’s life. Anyhow, the Barkhor Street trip provides me a new lifestyle which makes me impressive.

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