The Summit Café, the Best Café in Tibet
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The Best Cafeteria in Lhasa

Name: The Summit Café

Address: No.1 Danjielin Road, Lhasa, China


There is no more pleasure than having a cup of home-taste coffee in the cold morning in Lhasa. Today, I am going to introduce a brilliant coffee shop in Lhasa, Tibet – The Summit Café. It is also known as the Ding Feng Café.

Locates in the center of Lhasa city, the Summit Café offers great coffee and western breakfast for tourists. Many people recommend here as its tasty drinks and cakes, however, I think the atmosphere and environment here is their best sales. Imagine that you are sitting on the coach in the café, with a cup of cappuccino in your hands, watching erotic Tibetan people passing by the windows. Isn’t it like a dream? Or movie? Anyway, it is a great place for relaxing and enjoying food.

“Not much cafe in Lhasa who serve like others international cafe around the world, in summit cafe the environment looks like Starbucks but with their own taste of drink n pastry. Must try to visit if you go to Lhasa.” Said mightybowo on Tripadvisor.

Both local Tibetan and tourists from all over the world have chosen this place as the best café in Lhasa, I believe you will fall in love with here as well.

Best Cafeteria in Lhasa


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