Can You Travel from Bhutan to Tibet?
travel to tibet from bhutan

TBhutan and Tibet share a land border and is only separated by mountains. Many travelers who find themselves in Bhutan also wonder if they can visit the nearby Tibet. The answer is yes. With expert knowledge from our experienced Tibet travel advisor, you will understand the possibilities and restrictions involved in traveling from Bhutan to Tibet, and start planning your Tibetan trip accordingly.

How to travel from Bhutan to Tibet? There are two ways:

There are no direct flights between Bhutan and Tibet. Bhutan has only one international airport at Paro. The fastest way to approach Tibet is to fly from Paro to Kathmandu, Nepal first. From there, you can enter Tibet by land or fly to its capital Lhasa. However, in either case, you will have to leave some time in Kathmandu (to be exact, 3 workdays) to get the Chinese Tibet group visa. All foreign travelers to Tibet also need to apply Tibet travel permits through a local Tibet tour operator like us and book guided tours. So it would be wise to start contacting us as soon as possible for the best arrangements.

Besides Kathmandu, you can also enter Tibet from mainland China. Although this would mean several more stopovers, the sceneries on your way will be wonderful. You will first fly to one of the Chinese cities (preferably Chengdu or Xining) via Bangkok or Singapore. From there, you take a another flight to Lhasa or get on the train to experience the famous Qinghai-Tibet railway. This route takes more planning because you will have to apply for a Chinese tourist visa in advance. But if China is on your list of dream countries to visit (and it should be), there is no reason you shouldn’t do it. Tibet travel permits and guided tours are still required here, so contact us now for the most updated information!

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