Tibet has always been the dream destination for tourists around the world. And with convenient transportation and open market, there appears numerous Tibet travel agencies. So it can be difficult to choose from them. Thus, here we list some main points of how to choose a reliable Tibet travel agency. Hope the information can help you make a wise decision and enjoy the Tibet tour.

Abundant Years of Experience– A Must for Reliable Tibet Travel Agency

How to choose reliable tibet travel agency
Foreign Group Tour with reliable Tibet travel agency

The most prominent character of a reliable Tibet travel agency is long-time operation and rich experience. Therefore, during your selection process, spend some time reading the history of the agency. After that, you can find if it has the related experience. In addition, you can select reputable Tibet travel agencies recommended by TripAdvisor or other unbiased resources. 

Tibetan Tour Guide and Driver

This is an important reminder for travelers. In order to provide authentic Tibetan knowledge, tour guides and drivers should be Tibetans. Otherwise, you cannot rely on their instructions. Moreover, agencies should handpick their tour guides and drivers. From local insiders, your will learn real Tibetan history, culture, customs, festivals and etc.

Good Price (not sky high Tibetan price)

Price is a vital factor for tourists to choose a Tibet travel agency. There are many travel agencies offering various prices. So you can compare their prices and select from them accordingly. A good price is not too high or too low. But it contains all necessary services. Also, if a price of an itinerary is $200 more than others of the same itinerary, you should be careful.

“Tibetan Owned” or Not ” Tibetan Owned” Travel Agency, how to choose?

How to choose reliable tibet travel agency
Tibetan Tour Guide from reputable Tibet travel agency

There are many nice Tibetan owned travel agencies, Chinese owned travel agencies and Tibetan-Chinese Co-Owned travel agencies in Lhasa. But there are less reputable agencies as well for both Tibetan or Chinese agent. Some people may warn you it is the best to choose “Tibetan Owned” or a must-follow tip to select a Tibetan agent or even a Tibetan tour guide. You have to be careful about this. The core point should be this: you have to have a Tibetan guide and a safe Tibetan driver. Every reputable travel agency here in Lhasa arranges Tibetan guides and good drivers, no matter it is a Chinese owned or Tibetan owned or Co-owned agency or tour operator. Like anywhere in the world, there are reliable or unreliable people (reasonable or greedy), here in Tibet it is also the same.

Avoid Sky High Prices for Quality Private Tibet Tours  

For Win-Win Tibet tour booking for travelers and tour operator , we can suggest foreign travelers to book itemized services with more Tibetan owned tourism providers and this way you can support more Tibetan people. For example, you can book a Tibetan owned hotel directly, book a Tibetan driver directly, or just book a Tibetan guide, a Lhasa beer with a Tibetan owned shop, a souvenir in a Tibetan owned shop, etc. So you’d better not combine every booking in a Tibetan package tour with namely reliable Tibetan person. If so, we can be sure your “Tibetan priced tours” are “Sky High Price” one. Because you can easily compare out that, each and every or most Tibet tours have reliable Tibetan English speaking guide, drivers, and the itinerary is almost the very same or similar, why not choose a less expensive one? 

Quality Tibetan Tour Service-from Clients’ Reviews

How to choose reliable tibet travel agency
Foreign tourists with reliable tibet travel agency

It is hard for you to distinguish quality service from numerous tour operators. Therefore, reviews from clients is a helpful tool. From the past clients’ feedback or the instant TripAdvisor reviews, you can learn the details of services from different agencies. Then, you can know the highlight of each agency. Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, contact them directly.

Many Tibet tour departures with flexibility

Many Tibet group tours departures can provide you with great flexibility when deciding the departure time. Thus, you need to check the calendar under the itinerary carefully. A reliable travel agency can offer you much freedom. So you do not need to worry about the departure date. And you can always find the suitable date to leave.

Reasonable and Safe Tibet tour itinerary

A reasonable itinerary considers the distance between the starting and finishing point for a day. So you won’t feel so tired along the way and can maintain a good condition for sightseeing. Meanwhile, the pace cannot be too slow in order to include all highlight attractions in a limited time schedule.

Hope the information above can help you find the right Tibet travel agency. And for more Tibet travel info, please feel free to contact us by [email protected].

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Deanna Friel
August 29, 2017
Ok, I was planning to visit Tibet alone for 6 months, and stay there hanging around, but it looks like it is imposible, unless you can give me some good advise, of course every tour would be done within an agency but along 6 month, the rest of the time nothing to do, just living there, can I rent a room or live in a monastery? Travel permit for 6 months are possible? Good advise is welcome. We have one question, we check that is good idea to go in the train but to stop in some cities before arrive there, how to plan an excursion like that? we always do trips without tours so now that we must do…
August 19, 2017
Hi, thanks for these amazing blogging tips. All the things that you have said just fabulous and inspiring. Thanks a lot.
December 26, 2016
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