Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (www. tibettravelexpert.com) offers half day trek with guide and transport to Drak Yerpa Hermitage. This excursion outside of Lhasa city is available as a part of our customized Tibet tours. General Info of Drak Yerpa Hermitage Drak Yerpa is located on a hillside in Dagzê County of Lhasa. The entrance to the Yerpa Valley is about 16km northeast of Lhasa on the northern bank of the

Yarchen Gar lies 400km west of Chengdu, in the old Tibetan province of Kham, and currently in Pelyul County, Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Sichuan province, China. Yarchen Gar is open to foreigners all time, unlike Larung Gar in Sertar which is at present closed to foreigners. Also known as Yaqên Orgyän Temple, Yarchen Gar lies in an isolated valley 4000m above sea level in Sichuan, China. It is associated with

First Lhasa Peach Blossom Festival will be hold in Dadong village, Liuwu area on May 1st. Time to plan your Tibet festival tour with various travel packages. Are you ready to encounter the beauty of pink flowers in this wonderland?

Lhasa Niangre Resort locates in the northern Lhasa, 6km from the city center. It is pure folk attraction in Lhasa. Tourists not only enjoy the folk custom garden, but also experience the typical Tibetan village life. So, if you want to explore the charm of traditional Tibetan culture, this is definitely a good place for you.

Sangmu Village is famous for its song and dance and it is called “Home of Tibetan Song and Dance” in Lhasa area. There are many folk artists actively performing in the village. The handicraft of making of wool carpets is a characteristic of this village.

Tunba village locates 200km west of Lhasa. It is the home of TIbetan language because Tunmi Sangbuzha was born here. He is the founder of Tibetan language.

Country tour is now very popular among travelers. Dadong village is now known for people as the most beautiful village in Lhasa. It is 18km way from the center of Lhasa city and is located in a hidden village of southwest Lhasa. As one of the most well-preserved ancient Tibetan village, there are deep valleys, old trails, gurgling spring, and verdant greenery with nearly two thousand years of history, Nyimatang Monastery and the mystierous Pharmacist Hall.

Mutuo is one of the most mysterious places in Tibet belonging to Nyingchi Prefecture. There are vast land of forest, high mountains and lakes in Mutuo. So it is also called “Tibetan Xishuang banna”.

Laigu Village was recommend as one of the most beautiful villages in Tibet for its breathtaking Laigu Glacier views. The village is just located on the foot of the Laigu glacier, surrounded by six marvelous glaciers and Rawo Lake in Baxio Town of Qamdo area, Tibet.

Tibetan Autumn Mountain Climbing Activities Come to an End, More Than 50 Foreign Mountaineering Teams are Received throughout the Year   Reporters from the Mountain Management Center of Tibet Autonomous Region was informed that the Autumn Tibet mountain climbing activities have been completed on the Oct. 25th, this year Tibet climbing center received a total of more than 50 teams from the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria, Australia and other 30