Dadong Village, the Most Beautiful Village in Lhasa
Dadong village

Dadong Village, the Most Beautiful Village in Lhasa

Country tour is now very popular among travelers. For this reason, Dadong village is now known for people as the most beautiful village in Lhasa. It is 18km way from the center of Lhasa city and locates in a hidden village of southwest Lhasa. As one of the most well preserved ancient Tibetan village, there are deep valleys, old trails, gurgling spring, and verdant greenery with nearly two thousand years of history, Nyimatang Monastery and the mysterious Pharmacist Hall. What’s more, the old warehouse which the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso had lived in coupled with the original local Tibetan house, simple folk customs and the ancient legend made the village exuding a unique charm to travelers.Dadong Village

 Dadong village situates in a valley which created a ‘micro climate’ of Dadong village and gave it the title ‘sunshine valley’. Therefore people said that even the master of Tibetan Buddhism, guru Rinpoche had ‘coveted’ the beauty of Dadong village. The rape here bloom in the early summer due to its ‘micro climate’. Afterwards the golden rape flower bloom in the surrounded valley which make the village warm and quiet with romantic atmosphere.

Meanwhile, travelers can see blue skies, white clouds and green grassland and sheep everywhere in the village. So it is definitely the best choice for people traveling by car or camping outdoor in country tours.

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