Up-to-date Tips for a Tibet Tour in 2018
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Talk to anyone who’s been on a tour of Tibet and they’ll definitely tell you it was one of the most unforgettable and rewarding travel experience they’ve ever had. Many agree it’s such a drastic place which is quite different from their hometown. Thus, for a better tour experience, good plan and special consideration is necessary. Here, Tibet local travel insider Tibet Travel Expert provides some objective and up-to-date tips for a Tibet tour.

Those who seek dramatic mountain landscapes and valley sceneries will likely find Tibet to be the perfect destination. With an average elevation of 4,900 meters, highland Tibet boosts snow-capped mountains, sacred lakes, grand glaciers. The best way to start planning a Tibet tour is taking time to learn as much about Tibet as possible. Successful travelers typically decide what parts of Tibet interest them the most, then plan a tour around those areas. Travel agencies like Tibet Travel Expert are always more than happy to offer suggestions and provide advice for picking destinations.

Up-to-date Tips for a Tibet tour in 2018-Shigatse Tibet TourTips for a Tibet Tour

  • An overland tour is best for those who want to visit several destinations. There are often opportunities for trekking and mountain biking, depending on where travelers choose to go.
  • Be sure to include visits to at least some of Tibet’s famous cultural sites like Guge Kingdom. Although one could explore the landscapes for a lifetime, no trip is complete without learn about Tibetan culture!
  • While modern tourist amenities have made their way to some areas, remember that accommodations in remote areas can be fairly basic.
  • Make sure to pack appropriately. Weather condition can vary drastically throughout Tibet, so travelers should always be prepared for lower temperatures, rain, and snow; clothes that can be layered are typically the best way to go. Appropriate shoes are critical; comfortable walking shoes are a must for most sightseeing Tibet tours and well broken in hiking shoes are needed on trekking tours.
  • Flexibility and open mindedness is key to getting the most out of travelling in Tibet. Differences between Tibet and the west can be both charming and challenging at the same time, which is why the most successful travelers arrive well informed and prepared.

It’s best to learn about the essence of travel destinations that appeal most to you and then plan activities available in those areas with experienced local tour operator like Tibet Travel Expert. For travel season is in full swing, it is the very time to start planning a Tibet tour now!

For more Tibet travel tips, or you’re ready for a Tibet tour, please feel free to contact us to get the most useful Tibet tour advice for free!

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