Drinking Typical Tibetan Sweet Tea in Winter Days
Tibetan Sweet Tea

In Tibet, customers come and go to the Sweet Teahouses at any time of the day. And especially in winter days, people are gathering around to drink Tibetan sweet tea and chat with each other with sunshine. Or pack the tea to share with friends and families. In other words, drinking sweet tea has been a lifestyle and market culture of Tibetan people.

Tibetan Sweet Tea is a Tibetan’s favorite daily hot drink in Tibet area. The raw materials of this sweet tea are milk, sugar and black tea. It is said that the sweet tea was from India, and then became popular in Tibet. Its taste varies from person to person. So, people with different preference to sweet tea always go to tea houses which fits their taste. In Lhasa, sweet teahouses can be seem all over the streets. And it is not only an important part of the local people’s daily life, but also a good experience for travelers to feel the slow life in Tibet plateau.

If you want to take a close look of local people’s daily life during your Tibet trip, you’d better try this Tibetan sweet tea.  

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