My trip to EBC


Mount Everest, in Chinese Mandarin, it is pronounced as Qomolungma. It is the highest mountain on earth. Numerous people come here every day because they are fascinating about mystery and beauty.


Actually, I did not decide to visit Mt. Everest as I was afraid of its high altitude. But my friends told me I will be regret if I miss this spot. Well, thanks to them, I had a great memory of my whole Tibet trip.

First, we stayed at the base camp. This is place where tourists can rest and have meals (do not except too much on it). If you do not want to stay at the base camp, I am afraid you have to drive back to other counties to find place to live. The base camp has around 59 camp hotels (is it the correct phrase? Haha), a postal office and a toilet. Yeah, that’s right, only one toilet. Usually one camp can contain 10 people so it is not that crowd. Luckily, we only shared our camps with other two tourists, so the area is enough for us.

Well, to be honest, the camp has smells, especially the blanket. So, I suggest all of you bring a sleeping bag with you to avoid direct contact with those unclean quilts. For dinner, we only ate the fast noodles because there was no options. You can prepare some food with you if you want to visit Mt. Everest. In the afternoon, we took a local environmental shuttle to EBC. The view was just stunning. You can find the Mt. Everest is just in front of you, but you can’t touch it. Also, it feels like there is only one step between you and heaven. The whole scene was very holy.


Later, we back to the Base Camp and wait for the Milky Way. I think we had really good luck that there was no cloud in the sky. We could easily appreciate the great Milky way. But, anyway, it was too cold at night. We only stayed for 15 minutes and hurried back to the camp. I think Mt. Everest is the best place I have ever been for its gorgeous scene, I wish I can back there next year with my friends.

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