Enjoy Whole Afternoon at Kangbu Hot Spring
kangbu hot spring

Kangbu Hot Spring

When we were travelling from Lhasa to EBC, we stopped at Shigatse for one day. During the day, our guide asked us whether we had experience in bathing in highland or not? Well, the answer is no. Then, he said that we had to experience it at Kangbu Hot Spring.


It is said hot springs in Tibet have special treatment effect, it is just like ‘medical’ hot spring. Kangbu Hot Spring has been developed well that 12 of 14 of its mouths have been equipped well, people can relax and enjoy there. Our guide told us that the spring water has rich mineral substances, so they can cure some illness, like headache, orthopedics and even some heart diseases.


We had the bath with two female local girls. They were very shy and they did not dare to look at us. However, they were extremely friendly and helpful. They told us that we could not do some active exercises, as we may encountered the altitude sickness.


Honestly, we did not fell the medical effect of the spring water, however, it definitely helped us to relax our whole body and mind at the mid of our long trip in Tibet. I highly recommend travelers to stop at Kangbu Hot Spring and give your body a relax journey.

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