Why Can’t I mention Tibet Travel when applying China Visa?

This is a common question about Tibet permits and visa asked by foreign travelers when applying China visa. Here is one example quoted from one of the email: “I see the next advice on your website: ” when you apply China visa, please do not mention “Tibet” “Is there a special reason for this? I think the visa bureau in Brussels is going to ask for my flight schedule, so they see the flight from Chongqing to Lhasa and back.”

Well the answer to this is as below:
Tibet is a politically sensitive region and movement of foreigners in Tibet is highly monitored (thus all the permit paperwork and mandatory guided tour, etc). If Tibet is one of the destinations during a trip to China, there is high possibility that the embassy/consulate will put more scrutiny on your visa application by requiring additional paperwork, which extends and complicates the application process.

To bypass the potential complication, you can simply just provide the flights to and from China, there is no need to provide all the other domestic flights details. The embassy/consular will only see that you enter China from cities such as Beijing or Shanghai and leave China from Beijing, or Shanghai, etc, and they will not probe your actual itinerary within China.

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