Why you should not choose Viator to book Tibet Tour?

Viator is world famous and has huge traveler’s internet traffic and it is a sub-company to TripAdvisor. To some points of view, it is easy and convenient to book with Viator directly. However as local Tibet tour agent and tour operator, we know the price is very sensitive to overseas clients. You know, the Viator platform takes more nearly 20% or above from their online sales price, and there is no way for a local Tibet travel agency to provide high quality services even without profit. But a funny point is, right now a few famous travel websites do sell lots of cheap Tibet tours on Viator because of their big size group tours, they can still generate huge profit, that is why we do not recommend you to book with these sites. As you may know, Tibet travel cost is already much higher than most advanced countries. You’d better try your best to find local reliable Tibet travel agency websites and find your ideal tour products you really want.

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Bella Zhang