how can i get Tibet travel permits?-Permits application process guidelines?

How to get Tibet travel permit?

Many foreign travelers often tell us that: some travel agencies say the Tibet travel permit is totally free. Well as local Tibet travel agency, we want to tell you that, this is their promotional words and it is not free at all. This is a tourist trap and they do not offer your permits only services. They must sell you something before they can apply Tibet travel permits. And few other agencies may tell you that the permit service fee is around RMB 1500-2000, this is sky high price and this is not true as well. So for Tibet permits only, there are lots of rumors. Here lets state it clear that travel agency in Tibet must prepare lots of work to apply Tibet travel permits according to the permits schedule. If your trip is with Everest base camp, you d better confirm a tour booking at least 15 days before arrival date, and if your trip covers Mt. Kailash, it is safer to confirm a tour booking at least 30 days before arrival date. For easy cultural tour in and around Lhasa, you can even apply permits 10 days in advance only. Here below we will share how to get the Tibet travel permits.

Tibet travel permits application process:

  1.  confirm a full tour or minimum tour service with local Tibet travel agency per above time schedule. It is better to confirm earlier to avoid urgent situation.
  2. Once local Tibet travel agency gets your passport copy and/or China visa photo copies, they can prepare to apply permits 1 month-45 days at most.
  3. Permits will be ready at least 1 weeks before your arrival date in Lhasa, as experienced Tibet travel agency, we get permits almost 20 days in advance.
  4. One permits got from Lhasa, agency can send permits to your address in China, and it is not wise to send permits abroad. as the international express from Lhasa is too complicated and too risky. 
  5. Then at least 2-3 days before your arrival date, you can get the Tibet travel permits and fly to Lhasa without any problem.

Tony authored this article and any further details, you are welcome to contact our  local Tibet travel agency now.

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