What about the altitudes of different places in Tibet?

Tibet travel tips about the altitudes during Tibet travel. In Lhasa, the altitude is not very high, usually 3,658 meters (12,001 feet). The altitude is lower in Qamdo and Nyingchi for 3,202 meters (10,515 feet) and 3,000 meters (9,843 feet). On the way to the Everest Base Camp, the altitude will rise, it is 3,836 meters (12,585 feet) in Shigatse, 4,300 meters (14,108 feet) in Tingri, 4,040 meters (13,255 feet) in Gyantse and 5,380 meters (17,600 feet) in Everest Base Camp. Close to Mount. Kailash, in Darchen, the altitude is 4,575 meters (15,010 feet) but the altitude will rise at 5,210 meters (17,093 meters) in Dira-puk and 4,810 meters (15,781 feet) in Zutul-puk. In Dolma La, the altitude can be 5,570 meters (18,274).

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