Can I travel from Paro Bhutan (or Delhi,India) to Lhasa,Tibet? by Air or by driving?

Below are common questions and answers from local Tibet travel agency regarding how to travel from Bhutan or India to Tibet.

1) Do you have to get a tour service for Lhasa?

Answer: For Lhasa or Tibet tour, you can book minimum tour service such as Tibet permits/visa, day tour guide, and you can book all the other things by yourself. Normally people post here just to show their business or website with screen name and you’d better do more research on your own.

2) How do you travel from Bhutan to Lhasa, since I hear the border is closed between Bhutan and China? I’ve read that you must go from Paro to either Kathmandu or Delhi and from there you can take a connecting flight to Lhasa.

Answer: The best way is to go via Kathmandu, Nepal. There is flight between Paro and KTM. It is not possible right now via Delhi.

3) Are there issues with Americans traveling to Lhasa? Are there issues traveling from Bhutan to Lhasa?

Answer: Absolutely “No” right now. Tibet welcome USA travelers, no matter which city you fly from to Lhasa, it is fine, just be sure you have necessary Tibet travel permits documents.

4) How long does it need to travel in Tibet?

Answer: Tibet is huge land and people normally choose 3-4 days to 2 weeks to cover most highlights of Lhasa, Tibet.

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