When is Tibet closed for foreign travelers in 2017?-Tibet to be closed again?

People begin to ask that “When is Tibet closed for foreign travelers in 2017?”, Well as usual, Tibet Travel Permit is applicable for all foreign travelers who entering into Tibet during Feb.20 to March 31, 2017.However for foreign travellers entering into Tibet before Feb.20 2017, they need to leave Tibet before Feb.25. And Tibet travel has been reopen on April 1, 2017. So far there is no official news of Tibet closure.

Tibet closure every year is a common practice in Tibet since the March 14, 2008 issues in Lhasa. However ever year (except 2008), all foreign travelers (except for Norway People) can still in Tibet without any hassles if they book the trip with Reliable Tibet travel agency in Lhasa.

We will keep updating the Tibet travel permits on our Tibet travel blog and news Chanel, as well as Tibet Travel FAQ pages.

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