Budget Tibet Tour FAQs

Tibet Travel Agency Warning: Currently there are few famous Tibet travel websites which rank top on google when you google “Tibet Tour” or “Tibet Travel” and actually these are not reputable and reliable. Tibet local travel agencies are lack of online promotion skills and so those few top ranking websites receives lots and lots of Tibet tour inquiries and every of their group tours to Mt. Everest base camp has no less than 12 travelers. According to the latest 2017 Tibet transport situation, Tibet travel price decrease little bit and especially for those big size Everest base camp group tours, their price of 950-1050 USD per person is sky high price (frankly those tours net cost is no more than 450 USD per person), and the group size is too big. As one long standing local Tibet travel agency and tour operator- Tibet Ctrip Travel Service (another newly branch website of TibetTravelExpert.com) is trying to arrange small size group tours of Tibet. Our average Everest group tour size is 4-6 pax per group. For more details, you are welcome to contact our Tibet travel agency now.

This is a common question that each traveler to Tibet should ask himself or herself before book a tour. Right now there are many Tibet tour websites. Normally Tibetan owned and Tibet based travel agencies have poor internet promotion skills than those few top ranking Chinese tour websites. Currently only 1 or 2 websites arranged more than 70% of the foreign travelers to Tibet each year. And the typical features of these websites included points below:

  •  They put some Tibetan people’s name on their websites as their TripAdvisor, writing blogs, answering questions, explaining client’s reviews on TripAdvisor review, frankly who knows they are Tibetan or Han Chinese or not.
  • They spend big money on google advertisement to attract more than 60% of the total Tibet tour inquiries.
  • They have the most departures for the 8 days Everest Group tours and each of their tours has 12 pax and even more but on their websites they only put the pax of Number “8”. These are downgraded Tibet travel services, eg. the Ganggyan Hotel is very basic (only good point is good location), if the group size goes to 12 pax, the net cost per person goes down sharply and travelers are raped off on prices. As insider’s point of view, those tours net cost could be as low as 450-500 USD per person at most. But each of the traveler paid more than double.
  • The travel advisors are not based in Lhasa, but in Chengdu or somewhere in Guilin, or Xi’an.
  • These websites are famous for fixed departure groups tours.

So if you really want to support a Lhasa based reliable Tibet travel agency, never choose any websites as explained above.

Well you should choose a local reliable Tibet travel agency with less or “0” google Ads spending?

The answer to this question is very simple:

  • Each small travel agencies (especially the few Tibetan owned) focused more on Tibet travel service quality and the service is very individual and personal.
  • The travel advisors are based in Lhasa, and know what is going on everyday in Tibet.
  • With the decrease of the transport cost in Tibet, 4-6 or 8 pax really small size Tibet Everest group tour is with much higher quality.
  • For private Tibet tour, normally Tibetan local travel websites sell sky high or very high prices than agency like Tibet Ctrip Travel Service or Tibet Travel Expert Service.

Why you should choose and book with Lhasa based and experienced agency who sells fairly lower prices?

  • Everyone knows that, many overseas organizers or individual Tibetan culture or food related websites also sell tours to Tibet. These prices are of course the highest because they are not based in Lhasa and they would get high commission from the sells prices to local.
  • There are only few agencies who still focus more on service quality and at the same time sell fairly lower prices. Tibet Ctrip Travel Service (another name is Tibet Travel Expert Service) is such one Lhasa based travel agency and tour operator.

Which kind of websites you should not trust when you book a Tibet tour?

  • They claim the Tibet travel permits are “FREE” but they do not offer you permits without booking a tour. It means there must be tourists traps, at least it is not honest.
  • The sites who claim the permits can be as expensive as US$200-300 USD per person. This is fake and sky high price for permits services.

Should you have any questions, please contact with our agency by email to or online Tibet tour inquiry.

Viator is world famous and has huge traveler’s internet traffic and it is a sub-company to TripAdvisor. To some points of view, it is easy and convenient to book with Viator directly. However as local Tibet tour agent and tour operator, we know the price is very sensitive to overseas clients. You know, the Viator platform takes more nearly 20% or above from their online sales price, and there is no way for a local Tibet travel agency to provide high quality services even without profit. But a funny point is, right now a few famous travel websites do sell lots of cheap Tibet tours on Viator because of their big size group tours, they can still generate huge profit, that is why we do not recommend you to book with these sites. As you may know, Tibet travel cost is already much higher than most advanced countries. You’d better try your best to find local reliable Tibet travel agency websites and find your ideal tour products you really want.

Your one-stop shop for finding the best flights from Bangkok to Lhasa. Lhasa based travel agency Tibet Travel Expert Service has more than 15 years experiences organizing Thailand travelers to Tibet. And we can help you find the cheaper airfare for flying to Tibet from BKK, Thailand. However there is no direct flight between Tibet and Thailand. The suggested flight route will be BKK-KMG-LXA, BKK-CTU-LXA, BKK-Guangzhou-Lhasa, or sometimes the airfare for flight between BKK and Kathmandu is also cheap. However the 70 mins flight between Kathmandu and Tibet is expensive. We suggest you enter Tibet via China. Please check out more information for travelling to Tibet from Bangkok,Thailand.
Travel information for Bangkok, Thailand to Lhasa
Route information
Bangkok, Thailand is 1263 miles from Lhasa
Koh Samui, Thailand – Koh Samui is the most popular connection for one stop flights between Bangkok, Thailand and Lhasa

This is a common question by Vietnamese travelers to Tibet. However there is no direct flight from Hanoi to Tibet. So you have to connect via a city in Nepal or China, like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai or Chengdu. Read further about Vietnamese travel to Tibet.




Is Taxi expensive in Lhasa, Tibet?

Like most taxi in cities in China, taxi transfer is cheap. Normally it costs just few US Dollars per transfer. And it is good for short transportation (no more than 20 km),  for transfer between Lhasa city and airport, the cheaper way is to go by airline shuttle bus.

It is easy to hail a taxi on the street in the city. Usually, it only costs CNY10-15 to travel in town by taxi. 

Flag-down Rate for First 3km (2mi)  CNY10
Fare between 3-8km (2-5mi)  CNY2/km
Fare between 8-11km (5-7mi)  CNY1/km
Fare beyond 11km (7mi)  CNY1 per 500m (550yd)

Reference Taxi Fare:
To Drepung Monastery: around CNY 50
To Jokhang Temple: around CNY10
To Sera Monastery: around CNY30

Pedicabs are unique vehicles to get around downtown. A pedicab can carry two people and generally costs RMB 4 to 7. It is a more time-consuming journey than traveling by minibus but is an interesting and popular way to see downtown area.

If your schedule and health permit, riding a bike is another pleasurable way to look around the city. Bikes can be rented from many hostels along Barkhor Street. Generally, the rental for an ordinary bike is RMB 2 per hour and RMB 20 per day; for a mountain bike it is RMB 3 per hour and RMB 30 per day.