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Can you Recommend Reputable Tibet Travel Agency in Lhasa with Better Prices? This is a very common questions about Tibet travel. When you search information on TripAdvisor or google, you will easily find lots of local Tibet travel websites. Many of them are not registered tour companies at all. And many of them got many nice reviews and recommendations on TripAdvisor. More over, the famous lonely planet Tibet travel guide books also favored and picked many local travel websites. All of This looks awesome, but be careful, every agency is competing and trying to improve Tibetan travel services from every aspect. I wish you do not only consider reputation but also find a nice offer. This should be the core. In this internet transparent world, do you still want to spend too much money for the same or very identical Tibet travel itinerary and service? If so, please make more and save more money for the “Sky High local Tibet tour prices” or “Sky High Overseas Tibet tour prices”. For more details, you are welcome to contact our local Tibet travel agency now.

This is a common question that each traveler to Tibet should ask himself or herself before book a tour. Right now there are many Tibet tour websites. Normally Tibetan owned and Tibet based travel agencies have poor internet promotion skills than those few top ranking Chinese tour websites. Currently only 1 or 2 websites arranged more than 70% of the foreign travelers to Tibet each year. And the typical features of these websites included points below:

  •  They put some Tibetan people’s name on their websites as their TripAdvisor, writing blogs, answering questions, explaining client’s reviews on TripAdvisor review, frankly who knows they are Tibetan or Han Chinese or not.
  • They spend big money on google advertisement to attract more than 60% of the total Tibet tour inquiries.
  • They have the most departures for the 8 days Everest Group tours and each of their tours has 12 pax and even more but on their websites they only put the pax of Number “8”. These are downgraded Tibet travel services, eg. the Ganggyan Hotel is very basic (only good point is good location), if the group size goes to 12 pax, the net cost per person goes down sharply and travelers are raped off on prices. As insider’s point of view, those tours net cost could be as low as 450-500 USD per person at most. But each of the traveler paid more than double.
  • The travel advisors are not based in Lhasa, but in Chengdu or somewhere in Guilin, or Xi’an.
  • These websites are famous for fixed departure groups tours.

So if you really want to support a Lhasa based reliable Tibet travel agency, never choose any websites as explained above.

Well you should choose a local reliable Tibet travel agency with less or “0” google Ads spending?

The answer to this question is very simple:

  • Each small travel agencies (especially the few Tibetan owned) focused more on Tibet travel service quality and the service is very individual and personal.
  • The travel advisors are based in Lhasa, and know what is going on everyday in Tibet.
  • With the decrease of the transport cost in Tibet, 4-6 or 8 pax really small size Tibet Everest group tour is with much higher quality.
  • For private Tibet tour, normally Tibetan local travel websites sell sky high or very high prices than agency like Tibet Ctrip Travel Service or Tibet Travel Expert Service.

Why you should choose and book with Lhasa based and experienced agency who sells fairly lower prices?

  • Everyone knows that, many overseas organizers or individual Tibetan culture or food related websites also sell tours to Tibet. These prices are of course the highest because they are not based in Lhasa and they would get high commission from the sells prices to local.
  • There are only few agencies who still focus more on service quality and at the same time sell fairly lower prices. Tibet Ctrip Travel Service (another name is Tibet Travel Expert Service) is such one Lhasa based travel agency and tour operator.

Which kind of websites you should not trust when you book a Tibet tour?

  • They claim the Tibet travel permits are “FREE” but they do not offer you permits without booking a tour. It means there must be tourists traps, at least it is not honest.
  • The sites who claim the permits can be as expensive as US$200-300 USD per person. This is fake and sky high price for permits services.

Should you have any questions, please contact with our agency by email to or online Tibet tour inquiry.

Viator is world famous and has huge traveler’s internet traffic and it is a sub-company to TripAdvisor. To some points of view, it is easy and convenient to book with Viator directly. However as local Tibet tour agent and tour operator, we know the price is very sensitive to overseas clients. You know, the Viator platform takes more nearly 20% or above from their online sales price, and there is no way for a local Tibet travel agency to provide high quality services even without profit. But a funny point is, right now a few famous travel websites do sell lots of cheap Tibet tours on Viator because of their big size group tours, they can still generate huge profit, that is why we do not recommend you to book with these sites. As you may know, Tibet travel cost is already much higher than most advanced countries. You’d better try your best to find local reliable Tibet travel agency websites and find your ideal tour products you really want.

Time has changed! With the internet quick development around the world and people do not have to find agencies from the books and all those information is very out of date. For Example, Tibet Ctrip Travel Service ( were highly recommended on Lonely planet guide books around 8 years ago but in their 2014 or 2015 edition, they gave our site a miss. Because of these guide books recommendation, many local Tibet travel agencies sell sky high prices to the overseas travelers. This is not bad if you are really that rich to do a easy or the same tour with more than double price. Even like tripAdvisor, they are never focused on charity anymore but on business. We suggest overseas travelers try best to select a Tibet travel agency which can sell fairly lower prices with quality services. After reading this, you should know that in the past, many foreign travelers paid sky high prices for Tibet tours because of lack of information resources. Nowadays people can travel in Lhasa with maximum flexibility on their own and you do not have to book each and every services from travel agencies.

How to get Tibet travel permit?

Many foreign travelers often tell us that: some travel agencies say the Tibet travel permit is totally free. Well as local Tibet travel agency, we want to tell you that, this is their promotional words and it is not free at all. This is a tourist trap and they do not offer your permits only services. They must sell you something before they can apply Tibet travel permits. And few other agencies may tell you that the permit service fee is around RMB 1500-2000, this is sky high price and this is not true as well. So for Tibet permits only, there are lots of rumors. Here lets state it clear that travel agency in Tibet must prepare lots of work to apply Tibet travel permits according to the permits schedule. If your trip is with Everest base camp, you d better confirm a tour booking at least 15 days before arrival date, and if your trip covers Mt. Kailash, it is safer to confirm a tour booking at least 30 days before arrival date. For easy cultural tour in and around Lhasa, you can even apply permits 10 days in advance only. Here below we will share how to get the Tibet travel permits.

Tibet travel permits application process:

  1.  confirm a full tour or minimum tour service with local Tibet travel agency per above time schedule. It is better to confirm earlier to avoid urgent situation.
  2. Once local Tibet travel agency gets your passport copy and/or China visa photo copies, they can prepare to apply permits 1 month-45 days at most.
  3. Permits will be ready at least 1 weeks before your arrival date in Lhasa, as experienced Tibet travel agency, we get permits almost 20 days in advance.
  4. One permits got from Lhasa, agency can send permits to your address in China, and it is not wise to send permits abroad. as the international express from Lhasa is too complicated and too risky. 
  5. Then at least 2-3 days before your arrival date, you can get the Tibet travel permits and fly to Lhasa without any problem.

Tony authored this article and any further details, you are welcome to contact our  local Tibet travel agency now.






吉隆玻-成都:亚洲航空 D7326 (18:15-22:40)
吉隆玻-西安:亚洲航空 D7346 (18:15-23:15)





2017年最新西藏旅游政策发布。西藏位于中国边陲的一个特殊敏感地区,鉴于民族传统、文化古迹和生态环境保护以及政治和历史原因,同时也因西藏的交通状况、旅游设施及接待能力,中国国务院规定非中国公民身份持有者,即外国旅游客人,台湾游客及海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外),在进入西藏旅游前,必须办理由西藏自治区旅游局[Tibet Tourism Bureau-TTB]签发的“外国人入藏旅游批准函”,同时,也规定外国记者和外交官不能以旅游者身份进藏。根据国家旅游局2017年最新规定,外国旅游者,台湾游客和海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外)在藏期间不允许自助旅游,必须有组织、有计划地组团旅游。以下是针对马来西亚游客到西藏旅行的有关证件办理流程。




Below are common questions and answers from local Tibet travel agency regarding how to travel from Bhutan or India to Tibet.

1) Do you have to get a tour service for Lhasa?

Answer: For Lhasa or Tibet tour, you can book minimum tour service such as Tibet permits/visa, day tour guide, and you can book all the other things by yourself. Normally people post here just to show their business or website with screen name and you’d better do more research on your own.

2) How do you travel from Bhutan to Lhasa, since I hear the border is closed between Bhutan and China? I’ve read that you must go from Paro to either Kathmandu or Delhi and from there you can take a connecting flight to Lhasa.

Answer: The best way is to go via Kathmandu, Nepal. There is flight between Paro and KTM. It is not possible right now via Delhi.

3) Are there issues with Americans traveling to Lhasa? Are there issues traveling from Bhutan to Lhasa?

Answer: Absolutely “No” right now. Tibet welcome USA travelers, no matter which city you fly from to Lhasa, it is fine, just be sure you have necessary Tibet travel permits documents.

4) How long does it need to travel in Tibet?

Answer: Tibet is huge land and people normally choose 3-4 days to 2 weeks to cover most highlights of Lhasa, Tibet.

Hope information above helps little bit. For more information about Tibet tour, you are welcome to submit one inquiry here.