Tibet Travel Permits and Visa FAQs

We truly recommend that you’d better get the tickets 1-2 day prior to departure date at least, and don’t forget to bring your passport to the train station. If your schedule is too tight to get the tickets in advance, you must get the train tickets 2 hours in advance in case of emergency. Once our Tibet travel agency booked the train tickets, we will send you the ticketing reconfirmation codes with which you can get the tickets out from railway station ticketing hall. Meanwhile you will need to provide the Tibet permits photo copies when you ask for the train tickets, and when you travel on the train, the railway police may check your Tibet permits document.

Foreign Tibet travelers frequently asked that whether they can fly to Kathmandu without a tour guide accompany and permits at Lhasa airport. The answer to this question is that: You will have Immigration problem if without providing “Tibet Travel Permit”. As you know, all foreign travelers flying from Lhasa to Tibet after Tibet travel, they need to provide passports, China visa, Tibet permits (including entry permit and border defense permit). The airport custom authority will check all these Tibet travel permits documents, however your Tibetan tour guide will help you show all these Tibet permits. 

For all tourists who want to travel to Tibet, you should have a valid passport, a Chinese visa or Tibet Group Visa from Nepal and a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit. If you want to travel to places besides Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse, you will need Aliens’ Travel Permits (ATP). If you want to travel to some military sensitive areas such as Yunnan/Sichuan to Tibet overland and Mt. Kailash area, you will also need Military and Foreign Affairs Permit. If you want to go to Everest Base Camp or Mt. Kailash area, you will also need Border Defense Permit. For Everest base camp tour, foreign travelers should book the trip at least 15 working days before arrival date. But for Mt. Kailash pilgrimage, Kham tours, foreign travelers should confirm the tour at least one month in advance to avoid any urgent situation.

Take a look at the Tibet Travel Permits for early April, 2017 (Kailash tour, April 15 arrival date)

Normally it will be easy for you apply for a China tourist visa, “L” Visa. Most Chinese embassies and consulates will issue a standard 30-day, single entry tourist visa in three to five days. If you are lucky, some embassies may give you a 60 or 90 day visa. If you want more flexibility to enter and leave China for several times, most Chinese embassies will issue a double-entry or multiple entry visa. For those who work, study, or live temporarily in China, you need other related China visa such as “F” Visa, “X” Visa, “Z” and “M” Visa. We strongly suggest that you would better not mention any words of Tibet on your China visa application form due to its sensitive political condition. If you have any trouble applying for a China visa, we can help you apply and send you an electronic copy of Tibet visa invitation letter to help you solve the problem. And we normally apply this visa invitation letter 1-3 months in advance. However, we do not receive clients who is a congressman, journalist or military.

When you fly from Lhasa to Kathmandu, Nepal, the airport custom will check passports, your China visa, Tibet permits (including entry permit and border defense permit), however guide will need to show these permits and help you clear the customs easily. After that, guide will take permits back. Hope this helps. Any reliable Tibet travel agencies here in Lhasa know very well.

This is a common question about Tibet travel permits and Tibet visa. Well, you need a Tibet Group Visa. However, you cannot apply this by yourself. We will send an electronic copy of visa invitation letter to our local travel agency in Kathmandu and they will apply this for you. There is no need to apply for an individual China Visa in your country if you decide to travel to Tibet from Nepal because the Chinese Embassy will cancel your China Visa when you receive your Tibet Group Visa.

On one hand, you don’t have to keep your original TTB permit because you already have the photocopy in your mind. On the other hand, we need to return the permit to the Chinese government. So please understand our duties.

You may want to ask whether you can take one agency’s Tibet travel permits to join different Tibet travel agency’s tour. Well the answer is absolutely no. On one hand, it is not legal per local provisions. On the other hand, even if you succeed by a fluke, it is not likely that you will have more pleasure with other agencies.

Normally our Tibet travel agency can obtain the Tibet TTB travel permit 10-30 days before the starting date of the trip. If you book the trip earlier, we can get the permit earlier. However one month in advance is the earliest we can. If you are going to fly into Tibet from any airport in China, you will need the original permit to board the flights. We will send the original permit to you by EMS or Air-Express which takes 1-3 days within China and we need your exact post address such as your hotel or residence address in China (including contact person, contact phone number and the correct name under which the hotel booking is made). If you take the train to Lhasa from Chongqing, Xi’an, Lanzhou, you also need the original permit to get the ticket and we will send it to you by EMS or Air-Express as well. We suggest you take the train ticket in advance to avoid any urgency or unexpected situation. If you take the train from any other city’s station to Lhasa, you only need to have the photocopy of the permit and we will email you the electronic copy to you in advance. The police in Golmud station will check the permit so you should keep it safe. However, our local tour guide will collect your TTB permit after your arrival and guide will need to hold it for your whole trip in Tibet and return all Tibet travel permits to our agency after the trip.

To all foreign tourists who want to travel to Tibet, you must have a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) Permit. You are not allowed to apply this by yourself, so we will help you get this. You need to send us clear scanned or photo copies of your valid passport date page and China Visa. No matter whether you hold “Z”, “F” or “Q” type China visa, or APEC visa, we can help you apply permits smoothly.  We will need your specific schedule (including the entry and departure dates, means of transportation, cites you come from and leave for in China) to fill in the blanks on the permit, so we strongly suggest you arrange your travel schedule at least 15-30 days  before the starting date of your trip in advance. As a professional Tibet travel agency, we can apply for the Tibet permit one month before the starting date to guarantee the whole process successful.

We do not suggest this kind of action because all procedures need time and strict inspection. But if you have any urgent situation and have only one week to prepare for everything needed for the Tibetan trip, as a professional and well-experienced Tibet travel agency, we can help you with all the documents you need (Group Visa for entry from Kathmandu by flight, TTB Permit). But this can be only possible for city tours like visits to Lhasa (Lhasa, Namtso and Ganden etc short distance and fully open area), Lake Namtso, Lake Yamdrok, Gyantse and Shigatse. However, we cannot guarantee 100 percent although we will try our best. If it is unlucky, you do not have to pay us single dollar for this TOP urgent case.

To be responsible, our tour guide will keep your Tibet travel permit safely during all your tours with us. We can give you the photocopy if you want but it is not necessary. If you want some free time in Lhasa, you can take the photocopy with you but we strongly suggest you join our many optional Tibet day tours packages because there are many local tour guides to share their knowledge and insights about Lhasa with you. Should you have any more questions on Tibet permits, please check our Tibet travel permits FAQs.

Tibet Boarder Defense travel Permit is needed if you want to travel to Everest Camp Base and Mt. Kailash area because those areas are close to India and Nepal. Our tour guide will apply it for you in Lhasa normally three weeks in advance and we need your photocopies of passport date page and China visa. Our tour guide will keep the permit for you.

How can I obtain Aliens’ Travel Permits (ATP) for my Tibet Travel? This is another common question about Tibet permits. Permits to visit places that are not declared open are known as Aliens’ Travel Permits (ATP). So if you want to travel to places besides Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, you will need Aliens’ Travel Permits (ATP) issued by Local Public Security Bureau (PSB). A single permit (with a group’s all name list) is normally issued to all the people who are traveling together and the permit just name one of them and states how many others are accompanying him. After you arrive, we need your original passport and visa to apply for the permit in Lhasa or Shigatse and it normally takes only 30 minutes to get this. Our Tibetan tour guide will apply and keep the permit for you.

To buy Qinghai-Tibet train tickets, you need to email your valid passport photo copy to our Tibet travel agency and once the tickets are on sales (normally at least 30 to 60 days before train departure date), we will help you buy the train tickets. While to be able to get the paper tickets and board the train from mainland China to Tibet, you will need a valid physical passport, a Chinese visa and a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit (original or photo copies). The original copy of TTB permit is needed when you board the train to Tibet from Chongqing, Xian and Lanzhou, however except for three cities, the printed photocopies of permits are fine for you to claim the train tickets and board the train from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, etc. Your Tibet TripAdvisor will reconfirm to you at least 5-10 days before your arrival date in Tibet. Please follow the link to learn more about Tibet Travel Permits Documents.

How long can my Tibet travel permits be valid? and can I have the permits valid as long as I wish? The answer is  “YES”. As a well-experienced and responsible Tibet travel agency, we can guarantee that during the time of your schedule with us your TTB Permit will be valid. If you want to change your schedule, please let us know in advance. We need time and extra efforts to rearrange your tour. If you arrive Tibet earlier than your scheduled date, this will be an urgent situation and we will charge extra service fee to reapply for your TTB permit. If you arrive later than your scheduled date, we can extend your trip for a few more days (normally 2-5 days) to help you finish the scheduled trip.

How to get Tibet travel permit?

Many foreign travelers often tell us that: some travel agencies say the Tibet travel permit is totally free. Well as local Tibet travel agency, we want to tell you that, this is their promotional words and it is not free at all. This is a tourist trap and they do not offer your permits only services. They must sell you something before they can apply Tibet travel permits. And few other agencies may tell you that the permit service fee is around RMB 1500-2000, this is sky high price and this is not true as well. So for Tibet permits only, there are lots of rumors. Here lets state it clear that travel agency in Tibet must prepare lots of work to apply Tibet travel permits according to the permits schedule. If your trip is with Everest base camp, you d better confirm a tour booking at least 15 days before arrival date, and if your trip covers Mt. Kailash, it is safer to confirm a tour booking at least 30 days before arrival date. For easy cultural tour in and around Lhasa, you can even apply permits 10 days in advance only. Here below we will share how to get the Tibet travel permits.

Tibet travel permits application process:

  1.  confirm a full tour or minimum tour service with local Tibet travel agency per above time schedule. It is better to confirm earlier to avoid urgent situation.
  2. Once local Tibet travel agency gets your passport copy and/or China visa photo copies, they can prepare to apply permits 1 month-45 days at most.
  3. Permits will be ready at least 1 weeks before your arrival date in Lhasa, as experienced Tibet travel agency, we get permits almost 20 days in advance.
  4. One permits got from Lhasa, agency can send permits to your address in China, and it is not wise to send permits abroad. as the international express from Lhasa is too complicated and too risky. 
  5. Then at least 2-3 days before your arrival date, you can get the Tibet travel permits and fly to Lhasa without any problem.

Tony authored this article and any further details, you are welcome to contact our  local Tibet travel agency now.


关于如何办理入藏函,请您提前至少10天到15天甚至是一个月将您的基本信息(包括姓名、国籍、年龄、性别、职业、护照号码,护照及中国签证的扫描件)进藏路线、大致游程时间、旅行意向、联系电话等资料,发电子邮件l给旅行社办理入藏函,办好后,邮寄至你们手中后方可入藏。外宾进藏必须持有外宾进藏许可证(入藏函)才能上从中国大陆的飞机或火车(如果是火车进藏,除重庆,西安和兰州以外,其他地方,客人可以携带入藏函的复印件上火车)。路途有警察检查证件, 希望能帮到你,望采纳!关于更更多进藏函的事宜,请查看我司相关西藏旅游入藏函网页。


之所以标题“马来西亚人西藏旅行必看”,是因为越来越多的马来西亚客人到西藏旅行逐渐倾向于中国游客低端的“进店购物”,“到此一游”的模式,这种花钱买赝品,浪费宝贵的“旅行”时间去“走马观花”式的到此一游的方式实在不值得提倡。据我们从拉萨多年观察了解到的情况,我们不希望马来西亚客人在西藏的旅行是“浅尝辄止”的方式,我们希望尊贵的马来西亚客人到西藏的旅行能够和欧美客人一样,尽可能深度去体验西藏本土独特的藏族文化习俗及生活方式,以及优美的自然风景。我们旅行社有着多年接待欧美客人的实际经验,我们期待用我们最真诚的服务,给马来西亚客人带来真正的西藏深度体验。全程无购物,无进店,无加点,无隐形消费,全程优秀藏族英文导游以及藏族驾驶员。在目前西藏旅行市场上,我们可以这样说,“80%以上的马来西亚客人的西藏旅行都是西藏以外的旅行社在操作,他们没有深度服务欧美客人的经验,完全是按照“零团费,负团费”的操作模式…..”,我们衷心希望马来西亚客人到西藏旅行不要被低价所诱惑。关于更多西藏旅行信息,请参考我们的外宾旅行线路及服务细节,欢迎给我们电子邮件:[email protected].




吉隆玻-成都:亚洲航空 D7326 (18:15-22:40)
吉隆玻-西安:亚洲航空 D7346 (18:15-23:15)





2019年最新西藏旅游资讯:西藏位于中国边陲的一个特殊敏感地区,鉴于民族传统、文化古迹和生态环境保护以及政治和历史原因,同时也因西藏的交通状况、旅游设施及接待能力,中国国务院规定非中国公民身份持有者,即外国旅游客人,台湾游客及海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外),在进入西藏旅游前,必须办理由西藏自治区旅游局[Tibet Tourism Bureau-TTB]签发的“外国人入藏旅游批准函”,同时,也规定外国记者和外交官不能以旅游者身份进藏。根据国家旅游局2018年最新规定,外国旅游者,台湾游客和海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外)在藏期间不允许自助旅游,必须有组织、有计划地组团旅游。以下是针对马来西亚游客到西藏旅行的有关证件办理流程。




更多西藏专业旅行咨询,请发送电邮到:[email protected].


2018年最新西藏旅游政策发布。西藏位于中国边陲的一个特殊敏感地区,鉴于民族传统、文化古迹和生态环境保护以及政治和历史原因,同时也因西藏的交通状况、旅游设施及接待能力,中国国务院规定非中国公民身份持有者,即外国旅游客人,台湾游客及海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外),在进入西藏旅游前,必须办理由西藏自治区旅游局[Tibet Tourism Bureau-TTB]签发的“外国人入藏旅游批准函”,同时,也规定外国记者和外交官不能以旅游者身份进藏。根据国家旅游局2018年最新规定,外国旅游者,台湾游客和海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外)在藏期间不允许自助旅游,必须有组织、有计划地组团旅游。以下是针对马来西亚游客到西藏旅行的有关证件办理流程。




People begin to ask that “When is Tibet closed for foreign travelers in 2017?”, Well as usual, Tibet Travel Permit is applicable for all foreign travelers who entering into Tibet during Feb.20 to March 31, 2017.However for foreign travellers entering into Tibet before Feb.20 2017, they need to leave Tibet before Feb.25. And Tibet travel has been reopen on April 1, 2017. So far there is no official news of Tibet closure.

Tibet closure every year is a common practice in Tibet since the March 14, 2008 issues in Lhasa. However ever year (except 2008), all foreign travelers (except for Norway People) can still in Tibet without any hassles if they book the trip with Reliable Tibet travel agency in Lhasa.

We will keep updating the Tibet travel permits on our Tibet travel blog and news Chanel, as well as Tibet Travel FAQ pages.

Below are common questions and answers from local Tibet travel agency regarding how to travel from Bhutan or India to Tibet.

1) Do you have to get a tour service for Lhasa?

Answer: For Lhasa or Tibet tour, you can book minimum tour service such as Tibet permits/visa, day tour guide, and you can book all the other things by yourself. Normally people post here just to show their business or website with screen name and you’d better do more research on your own.

2) How do you travel from Bhutan to Lhasa, since I hear the border is closed between Bhutan and China? I’ve read that you must go from Paro to either Kathmandu or Delhi and from there you can take a connecting flight to Lhasa.

Answer: The best way is to go via Kathmandu, Nepal. There is flight between Paro and KTM. It is not possible right now via Delhi.

3) Are there issues with Americans traveling to Lhasa? Are there issues traveling from Bhutan to Lhasa?

Answer: Absolutely “No” right now. Tibet welcome USA travelers, no matter which city you fly from to Lhasa, it is fine, just be sure you have necessary Tibet travel permits documents.

4) How long does it need to travel in Tibet?

Answer: Tibet is huge land and people normally choose 3-4 days to 2 weeks to cover most highlights of Lhasa, Tibet.

Hope information above helps little bit. For more information about Tibet tour, you are welcome to submit one inquiry here.

Updated on April 24, 2017: Do I have to find Malaysian travelling companions to travel Tibet? In my group, do we have to have the same nationality? Some travelers from Malaysia still ask this question. However since 2 years ago, the Tibet travel permits restriction on the same nationality is already cancelled. Now different foreign nationality travelers can travel together in Tibet. This is a favorable policy so far in Tibet tourism. We wish more and more travelers can travel together, sharing the group tour cost.  

Tibet Alien’s travel permits are for foreign travelers to travel in the not fully open regions in Tibet. And these places refer to Tsetang (such as Samye Monastery, Mindrolin Monastery, etc), Mt. Everest Base Camp, Saga, Payang, Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, Guge Kingdom Ruins, and Lake Draksumtso in east Tibet (Nyingchi prefecture). We apply these permits in local “Public Security Bureau“, so that is why this permit has another name of “PSB permit”. If your travel includes Lake Draksumtso and if you leave Lhasa for this sightseeing and Nyingchi is your last stop, we will need to apply this permit in Lhasa.

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2018 最新马来西亚游客到西藏旅行注意事项


西藏在中国西南边陲,位于一个特殊敏感地区,鉴于民族传统、文化古迹和生态环境保护以及政治和历史原因,同时也因西藏的交通状况、旅游设施及接待能力,中国国务院规定非中国公民身份持有者,即外国旅游客人,台湾游客及海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外),在进入西藏旅游前,必须办理由西藏自治区旅游局[Tibet Tourism Bureau-TTB]签发的“外国人入藏旅游批准函”,同时,也规定外国记者和外交官不能以旅游者身份进藏。根据国家旅游局2018年最新规定,外国旅游者,台湾游客和海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外)在藏期间不允许自助旅游,必须有组织、有计划地组团旅游。以下是针对马来西亚游客到西藏旅行的有关证件办理流程。


  • 尽量不报超低价旅行团。西藏每年有很多组织内宾(中国大陆籍游客)接待的旅行社,他们熟悉低价购物团队运作方式和购物加点操作模式,淡化旅行体验,陷阱重重,请一定要注意线路设计,小心线路中退出的自费项目。
  • 尽量不用外地普通话导游,他们不太懂西藏当地的历史,宗教和文化传统,给客人的信息不准确。
  • 尽量不参加低价拼团,如果自己一行已经有好几名成员,完全可以量身定制属于自己的线路,增加体验。
  • 小心高价,并不是当地人开的旅行社价格就低,质量就最高。现在网络发展迅速,信息不对称的情况越来越少,所以,千万记得要找性价比高,服务质量有保证的本地旅行社。




2018 最新新加坡游客到西藏旅行注意事项


西藏在中国西南边陲,位于一个特殊敏感地区,鉴于民族传统、文化古迹和生态环境保护以及政治和历史原因,同时也因西藏的交通状况、旅游设施及接待能力,中国国务院规定非中国公民身份持有者,即外国旅游客人,台湾游客及海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外),在进入西藏旅游前,必须办理由西藏自治区旅游局[Tibet Tourism Bureau-TTB]签发的“外国人入藏旅游批准函”,同时,也规定外国记者和外交官不能以旅游者身份进藏。根据国家旅游局2018年最新规定,外国旅游者,台湾游客和海外华人(香港、澳门居民持中国特区护照或回乡证者除外)在藏期间不允许自助旅游,必须有组织、有计划地组团旅游。以下是针对新加坡和马来西亚游客到西藏旅行的有关证件办理流程。


  • 尽量不报超低价旅行团。西藏每年有很多组织内宾(中国大陆籍游客)接待的旅行社,他们熟悉低价购物团队运作方式和购物加点操作模式,淡化旅行体验,陷阱重重,请一定要注意线路设计,小心线路中退出的自费项目。
  • 尽量不用外地普通话导游,他们不太懂西藏当地的历史,宗教和文化传统,给客人的信息不准确。
  • 尽量不参加低价拼团,如果自己一行已经有好几名成员,完全可以量身定制属于自己的线路,增加体验。
  • 小心高价,并不是当地人开的旅行社价格就低,质量就最高。现在网络发展迅速,信息不对称的情况越来越少,所以,千万记得要找性价比高,服务质量有保证的本地旅行社。
  • 由于新加坡马来西亚大多数客人可以讲中文,很多旅行社使用汉族中文导游,我们建议客人还是跟随当地藏族的向导旅行游览,西藏当地也有非常多的藏族导游可以讲很好的普通话。






  • 西藏旅行旅藏确认函:所有飞往拉萨的国内航班,在旅客办理登记手续以及通过安检的时候都需要出示这个重要的确认函;
  • 外国人旅行证:如果旅客的目的地含有西藏日喀则珠峰地区,阿里地区,山南 和林芝巴松错地区,需要办理这个文件
  • 军区和外办旅行手续:如果客人的旅行含有阿里地区,昌都地区(比如川藏和滇臧旅行线路),都需要这个重要的文件。