Gama Valley Trek in Tibet
Gama Valley Trek

Gama Valley Trek

Gama Valley situated in Tingri County, Shigatse, Tibet. It is a popular attraction because of its snow-melt rivers, grassland and countless mountains. Tourists come here every year in order to explore its beauty and peaceful views. Gama Valley Trek is the most classic way to explore this wonderland because of its breathtaking views. Here, we are going to introduce two different trekking routes with both stunning views.

  1. Chutang – Youpa – Dinglin – Chamtensa – Shagytang – Droshang – Showotso – Damphu – Chutang (33km in total)
  2. Chutang – Youpa – Dinglin – Chamtensa – Shagytang – Riphu – Tenmden – Tashilado – Chentang (33km in total)

The whole trekking routes are inside the Mt. Everest Nature Reserve. Therefore, you can appreciate both the mountain views and valley landscape.

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