Future Development of Gonggar airport district
Tibet Gonggar Airport District

Tibet Gonggar will build the new Tibet airport district in the future. With the construction of Gonggar airport district, Gonggar County will build itself into a brand-new county combined with leisure entertainment facility, financial center and transportation hub.

Gonggar airport district-Logistics Center

Gonggar locates on the three important roads of Tibet, airport road, Nyingchi-Lhasa railway and Tsetang-Gonggar road. Meanwhile, according to the construction plan of Nyingchi-Lhasa railway, Gonggar will set up a train station. And this train station is not only for passengers’ transport, but also for train freight. Therefore, the local authority will build a Logistics Center in Gonggar county.

Gonggar airport district-Financial Center

A star hotel will be constructed in 3km far from the Gonggar airport. Moreover, the exact location and funds of this hotel are almost confirmed according to the local government. In the meantime, the government also plans to build a financial center. They mean to invite banks to settle in. Not only for the convenience of travelers come to Tibet, but also it will promote the economic development of Gonggar county.

Tibet Gonggar Airport District projects
Tibet Gonggar Airport District projects

Gonggar airport district-Tourism

Gonggar aims to develop the Jiedexiu Town and Yamdrok Lake tour circle including the tourist reception center, handicrafts exhibition center and other infrastructure. As many travelers tend to outdoor activities, the local authority will also build an international base camp near the Jiedexiu Town which will be the biggest international base camp in Tibet. What’s more, the base camp will not only provide tents, but also offer about 1000 caravans for travelers to rent. Thus, it is quite convenient for travelers to travel throughout Tibet.

Above all, they will set up an ecological village in Gonggar county. The local government will do a lot of work to preserve the traditional Tibetan-style architecture, living habits and develop afforestation. On the other hand, in order to improve the income of farmers and herdsmen, the village will build many Bed and Breakfast (B&B). So, visitors can experience the authentic Tibetan cuisine and traditional Tibetan customs.

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