Tibet fabulous Guangming Sweet Tea House
Tibet guangming sweet tea house

Guangming Sweet Tea House in Tibet

If you ask me about local sweet tea house in Tibet, I will definitely recommend Guangming Sweet Tea House for you in Lhasa. The tea house locates in Zang Yiyuan Road. It has a more than one hundred years’ history. At first, the tea house was a store. It provided tea, sugar and milk. However, in 1992, the government dismissed the store. To preserve the place, the manager of the store, Jinmei, bought the store by himself. Moreover, he rebuilt it to a tea house. Since the products’ quality was very good, the tea house received good reputation.


An Ideal Place for Chatting and Socializing

With a long time efforts, now Guangming Sweet Tea House has become very famous in Lhasa. It has attracted both local people and tourists all around the world. People come here not only for the tasty sweet tea but also for meeting friends. It is an ideal place for people to chat and socialize. In addition, people play games and enjoy the leisure time here. Also, tourists who want to experience local life visit here and join in the local people. If you go for a Tibet tour or a Lhasa city tour, please don’t miss it!


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