A Few Simple Guidelines for Choosing the Right Tibet Travel Agency
A Few Simple Guidelines to Choose the Right Tibet Travel Agency

When choosing a Tibet travel agent it is ease to become overwhelmed by the options! A simple Google search yields thousands upon thousands of agencies. This leaves it difficult for travelers to differentiate the quality tour providers from those with questionable track records. Unlike other tourist destinations, Tibet lacks honest and objective online reviews of tour providers which travelers needed to make an informed travel decision. Keeping in mind a few simple guidelines can help travelers sort through the myriad of options!

A good Tibet travel agency cares about customer service

Successful travelers often start conversations with several agencies. They then follow up with the ones most prepared to meet their travel needs. Lhasa based Tibet tour agency Tibet Travel Expert recommends continuing conversations with these travel agencies. It is a good sign that travel agency provides attentive customer service and flexibility in their tour itineraries. Such customer service is often indicative of the tour quality of they will receive later.

A good Tibet travel agency should be a local expert

Make sure the travel agency is capable of meeting the group’s needs, interests, and budget. If the group is interested in trekking, does the travel agency advertise trekking tours on their website? Maybe the price the agency initially quoted is outside the group’s budget; can the Tibet travel agency do anything to help cut costs? Tibet Travel Expert, for example, can sometimes help cut per person costs by matching small travel groups with similar itineraries, forming slightly larger groups of around 10-12 people.

A good Tibet travel agency values your privacy

Additionally, does the travel agency protect travelers’ privacy and offer trustworthy payment terms? For travelers booking in advance most agencies will request a deposit; this amount may vary depending on how much time there is between booking and the tour date. Many travel agencies accept deposits via Paypal then cash for the balance upon arrival in Lhasa.

Choosing the correct Tibet tour agent can make all the difference. No one wants to have a lackluster experience or walk away awe-struck by Tibet’s natural beauty and fascinating culture. Even though the sheer number of options and lack of objective reviews can at first be overwhelming, customer service is the top indicator of the quality of tours the agency may provide. Be sure that the agency is prepared to meet your travel needs and offers trustworthy payment terms. Visiting Tibet is one of the most rewarding travel experiences there is, and with the Tibet travel season in full swing, now is the time to start planning!

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