Hotels in Shigatse Tibet
Accommodations in Shigatse Prefecture

Where to lodge in Shigatse? As the second largest city in Tibet, Shigatse also has many mordern hotels to provide for travellers. For your convenience, Tibet Travel Expert has selected reputable hotels in Shigatse Tibet based on TripAdvisor for our foreign clients. Please note that the facilities in Tibet hotels are still limited. A 4-star Lhasa hotel might not be on the same level with a 4-star hotel elsewhere. Below is the list of recommended accommdations in Shigatse:

Recommended Hotels in Shigatse Tibet for Foreign Travellers Arranged in Alphabetical Order

Star rating English Name Chinese Name Location
Luxury 5-Star Hotels in Shigatse 1 Qomo Langzong Hotel 日喀则乔穆朗宗酒店 Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse Tibet
4-Star Hotels in Shigatse 1 Jiumu Yamei International Hotel Shigatse 久木亚美国际大酒店 No.3 Jilin North Road, Shigatse, Tibet
2 Shigatse Gesar Hotel 格萨尔酒店 Longjiang Road, Shigatse, Tibet
3 Shigatse Hotel 日喀则饭店 No.12 Shanghai Middle Road, Shigatse 857000, China
4 Shigatse Zanglong Hotel 日喀则藏隆大酒店 No.1 Zhufeng Road, Shigatse, Tibet
5 Tashi Choeta Hotel 日喀则扎西曲塔大酒店 No.2 Xueqiang Rd, Shigatse Tibet
6 Tian Lin Hotel 天临大酒店 No.5 Zhufeng West Road, Shigatse, Tibet
7 Wanrun International Resort Hotel 万润国际度假酒店 Xigaze Pedestrian Street, Shigatse Tibe
3-Star Hotels in Shigatse 1 Dong Fang Ming Sheng Hotel 东方明圣大酒店 North Shanghai Road, Shigatse Tibet
2 Fu Shang Fu Hotel 府上府大酒店 No 14, Nianhe Lu, Shigatse Tibet
3 Gyantse Hotel 江孜饭店 No.2 Shanghai East Road, Shigatse, Tibet
4 Gyantse Yeti Hotel 江孜雅迪花园酒店 No.11 Weiguo Lu, Gyantse County, Shigatse Tibet
5 Holyland Hotel 圣康饭店 No.5 Shandong Road, Shigatse, Tibet
6 Jipei Hotel 吉培大酒店 No.1 Ji Peirong Road Shigatse City, Tibet
7 Lhatse Shanghai Grand Hotel 拉孜上海大酒店 No. 11 Jiading Road, Lhatse, Shigatse Tibet
8 Saga Hotel 萨嘎宾馆 No.6 Gesang Road, Saga Town, Shigatse, Tibet
9 Shigatse Manasarovar Hotel 日喀则神湖酒店 Qingdao Dong Lu 20, Shigatse
10 Shigatse Shandong Mansion 山东大厦 No.102 Shandong Road, Shigatse, Tibet
11 Shigatse Yak Hotel 日喀则亚宾馆 No.20, Qingdao Road, Shigatse
12 Taixing Hotel 泰兴宾馆 No.4 East Zhade Road, Shigatse Tibet
13 Wutse Hotel 乌孜大酒店 No.21 Helongjiang Middle Road, Shigatse, Tibet
14 Yangtze Hotel 阳孜饭店 North of Heilongjiang Road, Shigatse, Tibet
2-Star Hotels in Shigatse 1 Cai Yuan Hotel Zhangmu (Closed) 樟木财缘宾馆 No.30, Yingbin Road, Zhangmu, Shigatse, Tibet
2 Gang Gyan Shigatse Orchard Hotel 西藏刚坚日喀则宾馆 No. 28, Yingbin Road, Zhangmu Town, Shigatse Tibet
3 Gyantse Chugu Hotel 江孜楚古宾馆 Gyantse, Shigatse, Tibet
4 Gyantse Jian Zang Hotel 江孜建藏饭店 No.14, Yingxiong South Road, Gyantse, Shigatse Tibet
5 Gyantse Minghu Hotel 江孜明湖饭店 No 1, Shanghai Road, Gyantse, Shigatse Tibet
6 Sakya Manasarovar Hotel 萨迦神湖宾馆 No. 1, Kelsang West Road, Sakya County, Shigatse Tibet
7 Zhangmu Hotel (Closed) 樟木宾馆 Zhangmu Town, Shigatse, Tibet
Other Recommended Hotels & Hostels in Shigatse 1 Everest Tent Camp 珠峰大本营藏式帐篷招待所 Everest base Camp, Tingri, Shigatse Tibet
2 Gyirong Feitian Hotel 吉隆飞天宾馆 Jilong town, Shigatse City, Tibet
3 Gyirong Hotel 吉隆宾馆 Jilong town, Shigatse City, Tibet
4 Lhatse Tibetan Farmer Hotel 西藏拉孜农民旅馆 No. 27 Laozhongni Road, Lhatse, Shigatse Tibet
5 Rongbuk Monastery Hotel 绒布寺招待所 Rongbuk Monastery, Shigatse Tibet
6 Tenzin Hotel 日喀则旦增宾馆 No. 8, Bangjiazha Bangjialin Road, Shigatse Tibet

Wish all foreign travellers can have a good time travelling in Tibet. Check out more information about Shigatse accommodation in Explore China Tibet.

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