Jokhang Temple Will Be Reopen to Public after the Hit by Fire
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Jokhang Temple Will Be Reopen to Public after Fire

Here is the latest update from Tibet Tourism Bureau, Lhasa, Capital city of Tibet. After the previous fire hitting Jokhang Temple on Feb.17,2018, Jokhang Temple attracts worldwide travelers attention. Due to the inconvenience, Jokhang Temple temporally closed its door to visitors. But on Feb.20, all Tibet travel agencies here in Lhasa received positive news which says that Jokhang Temple has a rest day on Feb.20, but it will be reopen to public between 10:00 am and 16:00 pm. If there is further update about Jokhang Temple sightseeing, we will keep updating.

Jokhang Temple is known as one of the most sacred and important sites in whole Tibet. Everyday, Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims prostrate themselves in front of the holy temple. A visit to Lhasa without visiting Jokhang Temple is not complete.

Sitting in the heart of Lhasa ancient downtown, Jokhang Temple is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2000 as part of the Potala Palace. With an area covering 25,100 square meters (about six acres), it is the ultimate pilgrimage destination for Tibetan Pilgrims.

Jokhang Temple History

Welcome to explore Jokhang Temple, top famous attraction in Lhasa Tibet
Welcome to explore Jokhang Temple, top famous attraction in Lhasa Tibet

As the most sacred temple in Tibet, Jokhang Temple is in the center of Lhasa city and attracts many pilgrims to worship and circumambulating around. The temple was founded during King Songtsen Gampo’ reign (617-650 AD). At that time, the King built the temple to welcome his two brides, Princess Bhrikuti from Nepal and Princess Wencheng from China in Tang Dynasty. Both princesses brought statues of Jowo Sakyamuni as their dowries, therefore, Songtsen decided to build a temple to house these important statues. Together with Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple was built as well to place the statue brought by Princess Wencheng. Later, the statue was moved to Jokhang Temple as well for better protection.

The oldest part of Jokhang Temple was built in 652 and after that it has been expanded for several times until 1610 by the fifth Dalai Lama. In 2000, Jokhang Temple became a UNESCO World Heritage Site as the extension of Potala Palace. You can read further about Jokhang Temple.

Jokhang Temple Sightseeing Travel Tips:

Tibetan Barkhor Streets-Picture-Explore Lhasa Tibet with Tibet Travel Expert ServiceVisit Jokhang Temple and Tibetan Barkhor Streets with Tibet Travel Expert Service

  • To visit Jokhang Temple, you will need a knowledgeable Tibetan guide and all necessary Tibet travel permits. Due to lots of sightseeing regulations especially for foreign travelers, a guide will be a must needed service. So you can not expect to visit Jokhang Temple by yourself.
  • For foreign travelers who want to have more free time in Lhasa, you can not miss this highlight sightseeing followed and explained by a local native Tibetan travel guide.
  • Jokhang Temple entrance tickets fee is CNY 85 and this may increase in the coming tourism season. To include this one your highlight day tour in Lhasa, you can consider to see Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor streets. This is a very typical Tibet Lhasa day tour. By the way this day tour will cost from 60$ to 150$p.p depending on when you come. Our agency offer is generally cheaper than any other local Tibetan travel agency or Tibetan operator since we know the tourism market better.
  • Jokhang Temple and Barkhor streets sightseeing is normally half day tour by walking. Also, Potala Palace is one half day in downtown by walking or easy transfer from downtown.
  • As one reliable Tibet Lhasa travel agency, our team can help arrange more affordable travel services for all foreign travelers. It is still no problem for you to have some days totally free on your own in Lhasa. However, when travelling out of Lhasa, you can join a tour to split expenses. More information, please do not hesitate to contact our local agency.

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