Kaamo Tsangpo Valley
Kaamo Tsangpo Valley

Introduction of Kaamo Tsangpo Valley

Kaamo Tsangpo Valley locates between Tingri and Dinggye County. Its west part reaches east of Mr. Everest. And the south part reaches Balong National Park in Nepal. So the total length is 55km. Moreover, the altitude ranges from 2,000  to 5,000 meters. Therefore, it has very diverse ecological types. Since the largest forest in Mt. Everest area lies here, you can see bright rhododendron flowers, giant cypresses and wild animals. The amazing natural beauties attract many explorers to visit.

Tibetan Kaamo Tsangpo Valley
Kaamo Tsangpo Valley

Global Reputation

In 1920s, British explorer Mr. Barry spoke highly of the valley in his book Mount Everest Investigation. Thus, he named it “the most beautiful valley in the world”. In addition, in 1990s the book Documentary in Tibet called it “One of World’s Ten Landscape”.

Kaamo Tsangpo Valley autumn
Kaamo Tsangpo Valley autumn views

Tips for Trekking

However, there is no road to Kaamo Tsangpo Valley. The only transportation is yak. It is a very challenging trekking tour. And it usually needs more than ten days. So if you really want to go there, please have full preparation in advance.


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