Kailash Trek in Tibet
Mt-Kailash,highlight attraction

Kailash Trek in Tibet

For Buddhism believers, Tibet is definitely the best place to visit. This land is on the roof of the world with numerous glaciers, snow-covered mountains and pure lakes. I have been to Tibet for several times but I never went to Ali area. Last year, my friend invited me to have a classic Kailash Trek to explore the holy mountain Kailash and holy Lake Manasarovar.

After arriving in Lhasa, we settled down for 2 days to get fully acclimatised to the high altitude. Then, we hired an experienced guide and driver in the travel agency. We doubted about whether we should hire one guide or not. We thought that we speak Mandarin and we have searched for the trek route, it shouldn’t be any problem. But later, during the trip, we were so glad we had hired one great guide, otherwise, we couldn’t truly enjoy our trip this time.

The drive to Saga was very boring, however, the beautiful landscape inspired us a little. Our driver was very kind, he drops off the car at most of the stunning views and gave us time to take pictures. Our guide also told us many funny traveling stories and as well as Tibetan traditions to us, we really appreciated that he made our tired road trip funny. Next day, we drove from Saga to Manasarovar Lake. The holy lake was really breathtaking. The water was pure clean and with the reflection of surrounding mountains.

We stopped here for one night and watched the Milky Way. Next day, we drove from Manasarovar to Darchen, the place we started our trek. On the way to Darchen, we admired the marvelous views of Mt. Kailash and saw the wildlife of high Tibet plateau. The trekking was really challenging that we had to overcome the high altitude and walked step by step following the pilgrims’ steps.

Here is our Kailash Trek route: Darchen – Diraphuk Monastery – Zuthulphuk Monastery – Darchen. Our guide helped us to hire a yak to carry our stuffs and gave us a lot of useful advises during the trek. Not to mention he also told us many things about the pilgrim. The three days’ trek brought us many courage to face the difficulties on the route. I believe it will also encourage us to be brave when we face the troubles during our life.

For more Tibet travel information or Kailash trek information, you can contact the local Tibet travel agency.

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