Lalu Wetlands in Early Winter

Lalu Wetlands

Lalu Wetlands locates in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region. Known as the ‘the lung of Lhasa’, Lalu Wetlands is also the “the big oxygen bar” of Lhasa. Like usual, the first ray of sunshine in the morning awakes the water in the Lalu Wetlands, reflecting the early winter color with golden and red leaves, blue sky and yellow grassland. On the typical Tibet plateau wetlands, water vapor rises above the wetland meadows, across the reed marshes. And the plants here are dominated by plateau aquatic, semi-aquatic and grassland plants. At an attitude of 3600m on the plateau, covering a total area of 12.64 km2 in the National Nature Reserve, it is China’s highest and largest urban natural wetlands. Lalu Wetlands

From the view of the Lalu wetlands, the Potala Palace and the wetlands forms an unbelievable picture scroll. The warm tone of the wetland plants sets the cold tone of the mooning Potala Palace off. The sun rises higher and higher and the water vapor gradually disappears. So that the Potala Palace and Lalu Wetlands all integrates into a golden warm tone. At this point, a yellow and blue, cold and warm, sunshine and water vapor together play out a gorgeous visual movement in the morning.

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