Lhasa Civil Health Care will be Improved in 2017
Lhasa Civil Health Care Service

Good News of Lhasa Civil Health Care Service

In 2016, the Health Bureau of Chengguan District in Lhasa implemented “in hospital first and charge later policy and “green passage” reimbursement process. And there were 422 people enjoying the beneficial policy. In 2017, the bureau will continue improving “fifteen minutes’ Lhasa civil health care service circle” and make plans of hierarchical medical system. That means when people have an illness, they can go to the basic level hospital first. And if the hospital cannot deal with it, they can go to the upper level hospital for treatment. In this way, the government can disperse health care resources more efficiently. Also, this is good news for the Tibet travellers. When they have a Tibet tour, it will be easier to go to hospital for small illnesses.

About Lhasa Civil Health Care Service

There are twenty civil health care institute in Chengguan District in Lhasa. According to the director of the Health Bureau, at the beginning of 2016, the local government invested 3.2 million yuan to ensure the reimbursement rate for farmers and herdsmen reached 80%. In this way, the government reduced the economic burden of them to see a doctor in hospital.


Lhasa Civil Health Care Service
Lhasa Dongcheng District People Hospital


Source: Tibet Business Daily

Photo By: Zhao Xiaotao


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