Lhasa Niangre Resort, Niangre Township
Lhasa Niangre Resort

Lhasa Niangre Resort locates in the northern Lhasa, 6km from the city center. It is pure folk attraction in Lhasa. Tourists not only enjoy the folk custom garden, but also experience the typical Tibetan village life. So, if you want to explore the charm of traditional Tibetan culture, this is definitely a good place for you.

Lhasa Niangre Resort sections

This resort covers 50000 square meters which distributes historical sites, cultural exhibition, living quarter and wood loft. Tourists from all over the world may watch the old paintings and calligraphy in cultural exhibition, or they just sit on the stones of roadside in living quarter to taste the homemade yoghurt. Thus, it has become a tourist resort that combines folk culture, rural scenery and village life. In addition, in the cultural section, visitors can watch 80 kinds of different Tibetan writing style that ranges from 7th century to present. Meanwhile, various Thangka paintings are also being presented in cultural exhibition.

Lhasa Niangre Resort
Lhasa Niangre Resort-Tibet travel

Lhasa Niangre Resort highlights

 Except the several sections, travelers can explore the special Tibetan architecture in the resort. For some people who want to know the Tibetan dances and songs, they may have the opportunity to watch the Tibet opera, Duixie, Langma and other interesting Tibetan dances. Moreover, after the audio-visual feast, visitors will enjoy the Tibetan dishes, Chinese dishes and new dish that combines western dish and Tibetan dish. What’s more, visitors can have an outdoor dinner of roasted sheep or grilled Tibetan pigs along with Tibetan snacks.

Till now, the Niangre Resort has two restaurants that can accommodate hundreds of people and 10 restaurants that accommodate 10 to 20 people. Worth to mention, the overall environment of this resort is quiet and comfortable with clean rooms and good service. And the price is also reasonable. Therefore, if your Tibet tour schedule is not that tight, you may pay a visit to this beautiful place.

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